The Bestest Birthday Cake Ever

I don’t like cakes. They are a major source of disagreement in this house, with my husband and I dancing around it until the very last minute, and only then facing the issue head-on.

Cake flavors are a very serious thing I tell you.

My husband is a chocoholic, and only chocolate cake will do. Not just any chocolate cake, it must be chocolate with a chocolate buttercream icing. Thick, heavy buttercream icing. Ugh.

I am more of a yellow, or even marbled cake fan, but it has to be the whipped cream icing. Buttercream is just too heavy for me, and I remember all too well the catering class I took in high school, and exactly how much butter and crisco goes into buttercream. The thought makes me shiver and gag.  I want my cake light and sweet, not heavy and thick enough to use as spackle paste.  Most years I’ve just said whatever, and let hubby and the kids eat most of my birthday cake. Just a load of calories I don’t need anyways, right?

This year I decided no more. As part of my whole going red project, I decided I need to start allowing myself to express what I want and not feel guilty about it.  This year I decided I wanted cupcakes. Lemon cupcakes with vanilla icing. Cupcakes made special because I was going to let my kids decorate them, and I would eat them(a couple at least) no matter how funny looking they turned out. I iced them, they put the sprinkles of their choice on them, and in the end we had this-

The bestest birthday cake EVAH!  :mrgreen:


Thanks so much for all the fabulous birthday wishes, that really made my day! Thank you also to VDog for bestowing upon me the Egel Nest Blog Award, and JaniceNW for passing me the Blogger Reflection Award. That last one looks like it was posted at the end of September, but somehow only came up in my feed reader yesterday! So sorry I am late on that, blame the Google gods!

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11 thoughts on “The Bestest Birthday Cake Ever

  1. We always do cupcakes too. And like you … none of us have quite the same taste. It’s not uncommon to make a “variety” at our house. The only downside is that most times there is double or even triple the cupcakes to eat because of it.

    Happy Birthday!


  2. Cupcakes are awesome and it was your celebration! I’m in total agreement on whipped cream frosting and now my entire family cannot eat buttercream frosting without turning a little green.

    You’re welcome for the award. I’m sorry it did not show up for six weeks. I think there is an evil blog conspiracy against me~maybe because I use blogspot. Technorati’s been messin’ with me too.

    Trust me, you are YOUNG!!


  3. Butter cream icing would make me gag too if it had both butter and crisco in it.

    Your catering class teacher in high school was smoking something when she gave out the recipe. I could karate chop her ass if I knew her for desecrating such a sacred icing.

    Nix the crisco.

    Then you’re in buttercream heaven.


  4. That looks like the best birthday cake ever to me too! Decorated with love. What a wonderful post, Sara!

    Happy Birthday again…

    Butter and Crisco, huh? I think you just got me off the buttercream bandwagon too. 🙂


  5. what a great idea! i’m not a fan of cakes with tons of thick rich icing…yak. it’s too much! cupcakes are perfect…and i can just imagine the boys decorating them…well…it would be a sprinkle fiasco, but it would be fun! 😀


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