Random Crazies Strike Again

In reply to my To Put it Bluntly, Kids Are Assholes post:


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listen, kids grow up to be like their parents. keep abortion legal people!


Oddly enough, I feel exactly the same way, Jacoplural!

Too bad your mother didn’t.



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12 thoughts on “Random Crazies Strike Again

  1. Oh, I soooooo hope my kids grow up like me because I’m SO frickin’ awesome! I mean, I’m like a god or something I’m so great.

    See Sara, you should have mentioned that I also told you that parents can be assholes too. “You can’t have it because I said so!”. Yeah, asshole statement right there. It’s the ying and yang of family life…we all have our asshole moments and must balance each other out.


  2. Umm yea my kids are just like me and I am so screwed when they are teenagers! And they are like their daddy(or sperm doner in my daughter’s case) so I am also screwed there! Both of them can be assholes when they want to be! The kids….the kids are learning as I type..no not right this second cause they are in bed.
    Too bad JJ’s mom didn’t follow the advice! Too Bad!


  3. seriously???? i hope my kids grow up like me…crazy and all…and not like this boring pickle-up-her-butt tightass..’cause where’s the fun in that?


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