Reason #254 I Will Not Make Mom of the Year

Brendan comes in from outside the other day rather distressed. Oh boy, yet another fight between him and his brother.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“Brother shit on my ear mommy!”


Knowing I am mis-understanding due to his speech issues, I ask him again. What happened?

Even more animated, “Mommy, brother shit on my ear!!”

I couldn’t help it, I cracked up laughing. I knew I wasn’t getting it, but the visual was too much. Still, I had to at least make the effort to keep a straight face.

“What is it Brendan, did you say brother sat on your ear?”

Looking totally, utterly annoyed, “No mommy, he SHIT ON MY EAR!!!”

I know it’s wrong, I know he was frustrated, but OMG I died. Seriously, the kind of belly-aching laugh you don’t get so much as an adult anymore. Tears rolling down my face, trying to catch my breath, howling with laughter. Yes, I truly am *that* immature.

He finally gave up, and only after he went back outside did I finally figure out he was saying Damian spit in his ear. Which led to a whole new fit of laughter.

June Cleaver would be so proud.

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31 thoughts on “Reason #254 I Will Not Make Mom of the Year

  1. Bwahahahaha! It reminds me of my friend’s son who couldn’t pronounce the “k” sound, so he called their cat “titty”. As in, “come here, titty”. She used to crack up every time he said it.


  2. At least he meant something else…my 4 y/o was singing “where is thumbkin” and says, “Hey mommy, know what would be funny?” Shrugs… “Where is pee pee” as he goes to yank out his penis. My friend and I DIED laughing, trying to snort out indignant “No’s.” Cuz WE are so mature. Yeah.


  3. I lost mommy of the year the time my toddler daughter ran BAM! straight into a mirror, thinking it was an opening between two shops. I laughed so hard I almost peed, she cried, and everyone in that shoe store glared daggers at me. I can’t ever go back.


  4. Oh.My.God. I laughed so hard it hurt! And some of these comments are priceless too.

    My two year old has a special place in her vocabulary for the words “god damn” and knows how to use it … especially in front of the in laws. Luckily we all laughed, except that just encourages her to keep using it. It’s so hard to choke back the laughter while trying to be stern!


  5. OMG! I would have died laughing with you! I’m not getting mom of the year either so don’t feel bad! Maybe we should invent a group just for us moms? LOL


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