Halloween Should be Banned.

I’m so over Halloween, and thanks to my children, I want the holiday banned until the youngest is at least 12.

But Sara, Halloween is fun! The costumes, the candy, the cheesiness! It’s so much fun! ❗

Yes it is. What is not fun is the day-after Halloween hangover my boys got. Being up till almost 8:30, a full hour after their normal bedtime, you’d *think* they’d have been tired, and maybe slept a little later today. What you wouldn’t think they would do is get up a half hour earlier than normal, resulting in the worst case of crankiness here I’ve had in awhile. The kind that has me calling them assholes under my breath and threatening to sell them on E-bay.


In better news, a couple of the BOOBs got up with Nell from Meanwhile… to talk about making friends after kids, so be sure to check out my sidebar and listen to the new podcast!

Also….My husband has dropped 10 lbs in like 2 weeks. I’m thrilled for him, but the jealousy is eating me alive! I have GOT to get off my ass, because I can’t have him making me look bad! πŸ˜‰ Help me ladies, what are your secrets??

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28 thoughts on “Halloween Should be Banned.

  1. I hear you on the going to bed later (almost 2 hours!) and getting up earlier. That is always the case with SB.

    Not to mention he was home today thanks to an in-service. Those teachers are no dummies!


  2. Hahaha @ calling them assholes under their breath

    Remind me, why do you do it under your breath?

    I used Nutrisystem to lose weight some time back. I always thought that kind of crap was DUMB. But, uh, I was desparate, man. And IT WORKED. In 2 months, I lost 20lbs.

    My husband lost 30lbs. MEN ARE ASSHOLES.


  3. Hey, I’ve been harassing you to let’s start up our nightly walks to shed some pounds. I need to lose about 10 myself. I’ll start tonight if you want. What else exciting happens during a married life Friday night….I fall asleep on the couch at 9. No, please don’t interfere with those exciting plans.


  4. Men suck, they can lose weight at will. I suppose getting off my butt would help. And I agree on halloween, I’ve never been a fan and it makes the kids insane for weeks if you ask me. I must start trashing the candy little by little so they don’t notice it depleting…or just eat it all while they are not looking, while sitting here on my butt typing. 😈


  5. my kid barely had any candy and he was wired! it is crazy! it was like i main-lined sugar into his veins. geesh.

    i hate men when it comes to losing weight. jerks. i lost weight before on weight watchers – but i wish i could find the ‘magic weight loss pill’. nutrisystem – that’s just what tori spelling used to lose her baby weight. eh. i need to stop blogging and exercise or something.


  6. My husband can drop 10 pounds just by thinking it. If he wasn’t so cute, I think I might hate him a little. (Oh, and the Halloween hangover, was all mine over here. Although I policed the girl’s consumption of the treats, I scarfed down far more than I should have.)


  7. You get your kids to go to bed at 7:30 ? Damn.
    I know I’m going to need to work extra hard to drop the lbs I’m picking up from pilfering all the chocolate from my kids bags


  8. I got Invisalign this past Monday and you have to take them out anytime you eat or drink anything except water. Taking them out? A pain in the ass.

    I expect to see a significant weight loss over the next year. Plus my teeth will be better and insurance paid for part of it!

    And men? Would suck even if they didn’t lose weight easier!! Except for my Punkin, of course. He’ll be the man that’s the exception to the rule!


  9. See, I was thinking to ban Halloween for kids over 11, as the middle schoolers who ransacked my neighborhood put a damper on the whole thing. But I’m all contrary like that.

    As for weight loss, I am SO not the person to ask. But once I overheard an Alphamom at the park say that she lost her baby weight (and she had, the kid was like two months old and she was a size 2) by eating only a sweet potato for dinner every night.

    This is why I will never be a size 2.


  10. oh goodness, my daughter Allie had the worst halloween hangover. She was up late, full of candy, and cranky. She was definitely worth some ebayage at that point. haha. πŸ™‚


  11. We are, in fact, kindred spirits methinks. Yes, I’m sure of it (re: “kids are assholes” Oblivionism). One of my cherries (the Seek component of Seek & Destroy) informed me that she raked in enough candy on that holiday from hell to last until she’s 18, at which point she figured she would stop craving chocolate altogether.

    Ha! You silly waif! You’ll be scarfing chocolate by the fistful and wine by the gallon your entire life as a woman. If you have children, that is. πŸ˜‰

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing your pain. πŸ™‚


  12. I’m with you. Halloween killed our routine. You would think that staying up an extra hour and eating all that candy might, in someway, playout in your favor. I thought for sure that after crashing from the end of a sugar rush that my boys would sleep in a little, but no such luck. Having to get up for school the next morning certainly didn’t help their little tiny attitudes the next morning either….


  13. Ugh, the after Halloween hangover. I don’t know if I’m glad that I homeschool so I don’t have to get them up and dressed early, or if I wish I could send them to school for the day to not deal with them. πŸ˜†


  14. my little secret to losing my baby weight was a diet called medical weight loss along with a diet pill called adipex. i lost 42 pounds, a year and 1/2 ago. i only took the pill for 4 months and the weight fell off.
    i am so with you on the halloween thing! i have to hide the candy from the kids and somehow, they always find it and beg me for some! it drives me insane. my only solution is…i’m going to sit and eat it all. (insert evil laugh)


  15. My boys were in the same mood. So I took the candy away and only allow them to have 2 a day after that mess!

    Losing weight…Well, my husband has lost over 50lbs in the past year with minimal changes. He only drinks water. No other drinks at all, no trans fat, and he has natural peanut butter as a snack instead of eating junk food. You can eat pretty much what you want as far as lunch & dinner just less of it. And workout at least 2X’s per week.


  16. ugh! I’m so jealous of your hubs too.
    i was doing ok for awhile but visiting my folks all week just makes me want to eat!
    I would try cutting out carbs and sugar and eating cereal early for dinner…


  17. um, yeah.
    as a 7 year teacher of first graders, i learned back in 2000 that Nov. 1st is the WORST DAY OF THE YEAR!!!!

    see, we don’t get the aftereffects of xmas. thanks to the holidays.

    i actually took a personal day once on nov 1st b/c i just KNEW i couldn’t handle it. and the year the town decided to allow 2 halloweens since it fell on a sunday?????? what??!!!!!

    sorry. i so feel for ya. but, hey, i’m a million days late, anyway- so i’m sure the sugar’s completely outta their system now! 😯


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