13 thoughts on “Dear Devil Child,

  1. I’ll save you the time. My partner and I will take the toddler off of of your hands… in fact, we’ll pay for your for your trouble (and I knowingly say that, aware that there is extreme potential that we’ll eat our words). As hard as it gets, don’t forget that there are loving parents out there that can physically or legally have children…

    You are fortunate and lucky.


  2. oh, you know i have days like that! Logan has come VERY close to being auctioned off…but for some reason, no one bids on an asshole of a little boy! maybe i should leave that out of the description! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    hope our sweet little boy returns soon!


  3. I feel your pain! My kids have been aruging and fighting so much that I tell them the very next person that comes to the house will take them home with them! They got the hint yesterday when Aunt Steph stopped in and I tried to get her to take them with her. Since then the fighting is less. However the books she gave them…the newness will wear off soon…..


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