Tomorrow is the Big Day!

Sunday is the big day, Cre8buzz goes live in its public beta! This means you’ll be able to check out what the site is about, but you won’t get to join the fun unless you have an invite..We call that ‘Look, but don’t touch’ 😉 I do have invites if you haven’t already joined, or if you wish to sign up to the moms community you can do so directly here.

So what sets Cre8buzz apart from the other 20 million sites out there? In short, everything! This is the first social networking site that is content-driven, meaning you get to show the world what you are all about. Also, Cre8buzz is the first site to actively promote cross-participation amongst communities, making it easy to find expert advice on whatever topic you need. The setup is easy to navigate, and more features are being added constantly.

Cre8buzz is poised to be the next big social networking site, so be sure to check them out. See ya on the Anthill! 😉

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6 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the Big Day!

  1. Yay, I’m the first to comment! I don’t know if I said thanks for introducing me to Cre8buzz when you first posted about it, so thank you. I like it a lot!


  2. I totally forgot that was today. So when I went to log in and aw the front page instead of the beta loggin screen I was confused for a bit. Then the coffee kicked in. LOL


  3. I got an invite to join this a month or two ago…..but I couldn’t get it to work. I may have to go and check it out! I have heard a few of my blogging friends “talking” about it!



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