$95 and All I Got Was Another Appointment.

Eye exams suck.

Really, there is nothing worse than going in and spending $50-100 and being told “Everything looks good, here’s your prescription for you to now spend even more money on contacts or glasses. See ya next year!” What a waste. Unfortunately when you are like me and blind as a bat without correction, it is a necessary evil.

I noticed over the last few months I’ve had to squint more and more even with my contacts in, so I went in today for my exam, knowing full well they’d have to up my prescription. Holy hell did it take a jump! My contact prescription went up a full point, translation for those who wear glasses, my vision has gone from 20/200 to 20/400 in a year.

The eye doctor was really concerned, it seems this is not a normal thing to happen. She asked that I make an appointment with my doctor for a checkup in the near future, saying that a jump like that could be a possible sign of diabetes. She said not to worry too much, it could also be due to computer use(more likely IMO) or aging. Aging?? Huh?? So is this what happens the closer you get to 30, you gain weight AND lose your vision? Cripes, I want a recount if that’s the case!!

An hour later I had blurred vision from dilation, $95 less in my bank account, a prescription to order my new super-strength contacts, and orders to get thee to the physician. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little concerned since my grandfather has diabetes and I’ve had problems with hypoglycemia. For now I am just assuring myself it’s a side effect of all my friends living in my laptop! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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25 thoughts on “$95 and All I Got Was Another Appointment.

  1. My eye doctor claims my computer had nothing to do with my eyes going to hell in a handbasket – she claimed it had all kinds of things to do with being over ..er.. 40. Like THAT would affect anything!!!


  2. Do you know anyone with an extra blood glucose monitor? If you don’t want to, or can’t get to your doctor right away, you could check your blood sugar first thing in the morning, before eating anything. If the number is over 120, get in to your doctor.


  3. Seriously, it’s computer use. It has nothing to do with turning 30. My vision started becoming fuzzy when I started using the computer incessantly (sp?).

    Of course, I’m sure those young whippersnappers aren’t AS affected by computer use as us old geezers are.


  4. I agree that it’s more than likely from the computer. My vision keeps improving with age — and I just turned 40. I also found that hormones will change your vision. With each of my kids, my prescription changed dramatically, although thankfully for the better. That doesn’t help the $95 less in the bank account situation however, as it still requires a prescription change.


  5. I just porked out 75 smackers to have my vision corrected. Once again, my optometrist sighs heavily and tells me I’ll be blind as a bat before I’m 40.

    Only eight more years till it goes to hell in a handbasket. I’m gonna live it up till then and buy the ugliest spectacles I can find.

    If I’m gonna be a geek, I’m gonna be a supastar geek.


  6. We have this whole mind game we play that we get close to 30 and beyond and it all goes to shit.

    We should work on that crazy belief!!

    I’m sure you are fine. Do what you feel is right with having the other stuff checked out. I know you’ll make the right decision!


  7. If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t have any of the ghastly effects of thirty until I was at least thirty-three. Which is when I got pregnant, so I’ve been attributing all this weight gain/first gray hairs/inability to thrive on four hours sleep/inability to drink others under the table/ fuzzy eyesight late at night to my poor children. Gosh, does this mean it’s not them? I’m really just old? Shoot.

    Get yourself checked out and you’ll feel a lot better. But don’t listen if s/he blames the computer, we’d miss your blogs too much!


  8. Ugh. Last time I went to my eye doctor it was with my first and only migraine. I had no idea it could mess with my vision, I thought I was going blind. But no, I was just the regular kind of blind I’m used to.


  9. My vision changed after my first daughter was born. Good times, that. Now that daughter #2 is here, I can tell it has changed again. I was reading last night without my glasses and had to squint HARD to be able to see the VCR clock across the room. We’re waiting till the credit card bill is a little less astronomical before going in for his-n-hers eye exams.


  10. I too hope it is just the laptop friends and not diabetes.
    My vision is very similar to yours. I’m always tempted to explore laser vision correction but then I have this horrible fear that I’ll be driving with my kids in the car and my vision will revert. Could you imagine. I highly doubt it would hapeen but damn I still can’t make that leap.

    So I spend $144 every few months or so on 6 pairs of disposable contacts (I have astigmatism so I have to get toric lenses) *sigh*


  11. I need to go, too. But since I’m nursing, they won’t dilate my eyes, even though I need a “thin spot” in my retina checked out, and they couldn’t do it while I was pregnant either. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I’m so near sighted. I feel your pain.


  12. My vision had gone to 20/400 and I decided that I should look into laser correction… I thought I woulnd’t be a candidate with eyesight THAT bad… but a few days later, and for three years now, I have been at 20/20.


  13. Oh good grief…this isn’t encouraging, knowing I need an new exam and I’m way older than you and I stare at the computer and I have high blood pressure…and oh well, I’m thin. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Do you feel better? It could be worse, you could be old AND blind like me.


  14. I have been working on computers (with some awful screen at times). My wife every year makes a bet with me that “this year” my vision would be worse. Every year she loses. I think the “computer screen” excuse is grossly overused.

    That being said, I have never paid $95 for an eye exam in my life! Yikes!


  15. Hormones, maybe? You know how your vision sometimes change when you’re pregnant? (No, I’m not asking if you’re pregnant…). But, then again, I blame everything on hormones these days.


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