Friday Linkage

Due to a PMS-induced shortage of thought, there will be no original post today. Due to this same bout of PMS I may not even get dressed today. Come to think of it, the kids may not even live to see lunchtime at this rate. Not to leave ya hanging, there are a few posts that have totally made me laugh, so here is some linkage for their oh-so-talented writers. Go read and enjoy!

Pass the Chocolate’s “Holy Moly!”
Poot and Cubby’s “Letter of Dismissal”
Meanwhile’s “Let Me Count the Ways”
Mamma Love’s “Brother For Sale”

Editing to add, my buddy Keith at Cre8buzz just send me this, and it is fucking. hilarious. Must-watch!!! Anita Renfroe’s “Overture For Moms”.

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16 thoughts on “Friday Linkage

  1. Glad I could make you laugh!!

    Feel better soon. Oh, and don’t shoot anyone while you’re PMSing–even if they totally deserve it–I hear they don’t have internet access in jail.


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