The Story I Mentioned Friday, or “Why Sara is a Freaking Spaz.”

It might be one of those “you had to be there” moments, but I’ll share it anyways.
the ex went out of town on a business trip this past week. It was just a short one- he left on Wednesday morning, and was due back on Friday. We spoke on Wednesday afternoon; he was checked in and was going to dinner with some of the clients that night. The cell phone reception was terrible, and after a dropped call and having to call him back, we said we’d talk after he got back at 9 or 9:30.

I got the kids in bed, played the Wii for awhile, and did my review on the new Boogie game. I soon realized it was getting really late, and he hadn’t called. Decided dinner must have gone late, or he got back and had no signal. No big deal either way, I’d talk to him tomorrow.

The next morning was hectic. I had to get all 3 kids ready and off to school, and I’d promised to work on the fundraising stuff for PTA. Next thing I know its noon, and time to pick up the boys from pre-school. I check my phone for any missed calls, and see the ex has tried to call. Ran by the house and see there is a message on our voicemail. The sound is so bad I can barely make out anything. I lean over the machine and hear “Call me at the hotel, coming home early.” Try calling him and am told by the hotel he has already checked out. Try calling him on his cell and it goes straight to voicemail.

What is going on? He travels for work often enough, and has never, ever come home early from a trip. Why would he be coming home early? He only had dinner with the clients, by the time he called me he wouldn’t have even gone into the site yet, so I doubt it would be trouble there. Maybe something went wrong at dinner? No, nothing he would leave the trip for.

Then I start wondering if it was something personal. If it happened that night, maybe someone in his family was sick?? Oh no, called the in-laws..they were ok, no bad news. Wait, what if it’s me? What if he’s decided he wants a divorce and is so miserable he has to come right home and tell me? What if he had an affair?? Oh dear god no. Anything but that. Please just let it be he wants a divorce…In the meantime I am calling the Playgroupie, calling the Queen, calling Velveteen Mind, and they are not able to come up with more rational theories either. Crap crap crap. Still no answer on his cell.

Finally around 4pm he calls me back.

“Where have you been??” I ask.

“What do you mean? I was on site.”

“What was that message about, you said you were coming home early but didn’t say why!”

“No, I said I didn’t have to go in until 11, so call me at the hotel.”

“So you aren’t coming home early? Why did they say you were already checked out of the hotel?”

“You know we are flying out of Des Moines, it’s an early am flight so we are staying there tonight instead of driving 2 hours early in the morning to fly out.”

“So why didn’t you call me last night??”

“You were supposed to call me. Remember, my cell phone isn’t working well here?”

Yes dear, I know. 4 hours of death, disaster, affairs and divorce going through my head because Sprint’s coverage in Iowa sucked. 🙄

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13 thoughts on “The Story I Mentioned Friday, or “Why Sara is a Freaking Spaz.”

  1. 😉 Girlfriend, you are not alone when the only thing on your mind is aimed for the negative. I, too have experienced these feelings when my husband traveled in the past. Not knowing his work schedule for his out of town trips and patiently waiting for that phone call just to hear his voice. Even when a call is missed and dialing his number with no answer makes you think of the worst……accident or the un-thinkable: he is spending time with someone else.


  2. Oh, Sara! I’ve been in the same situation before, and I’ve actually told Carlos what’s been going through my mind…that’s when he looks at me like I have 3 purple heads!

    You are definitely not alone in your spazziness! Maybe I should give you my number…I can talk you down next time! 😉


  3. Hehehe…My DH used to go on the road a lot. One day he came home early and I was immediately happy, and then terror shot through me. I knew the company was not doing well so feared he may have been laid off . The reason he came home is because they were in the process of laying people off and if he was laid off, didn’t want to be stuck in Nashville when he got the news. Thankfully, he wasn’t laid off — but lots of people were!


  4. Oh, I am so familiar with that movie that runs in the brain when the husband is not reachable!

    And recently when it happened to a friend of mine who couldn’t locate her husband for a few hours, I worried with her about him until he came home — and reminded her that he’d told her where he was going to be. Sigh.


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