Back to Preschool

Back to school is usually one of those times we get to show off what great parents we are- we dress them up in their clean and pressed outfits and bring them in carrying their brand new backpacks and lunch boxes. The kids look immaculate and so do we. Look at me world, I’m a great mom!

Brendan had his first day back to preschool today, and not completely lacking in social graces, I played the game. He went in in his new outfit and brand new Spiderman shoes with the obnoxious flashing red lights. I made sure I was presentable, and his brother was free of anything hanging out of his nose or pants. We made a pretty good picture overall.

Picture..OMG..Picture. Damnit!!!

It hit me as we stood on the steps of the little preschool that I’d forgotten my camera. The first day of school picture is one of those cheesy traditions that even I am not brave enough to buck. Every year I pull out the camera and take a photo as the child in question squirms uncomfortably and tells me to hurry up! Let’s go! They don’t like it now, but I know when they get older they will be grateful I took the time to line them up and make them smile under threats of missing Pokemon and video games gone AWOL if they don’t cooperate. Only today I failed, and we do not have that back to school pic.

Lucky for me, I have very little conscience where these things are concerned. I will take a pic tomorrow, eventually print it out, and carefully label the back of the “The First Day of School, K4 2007”.

I am not above lying to my children in order to preserve tradition, no matter how bad the cheese factor.



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18 thoughts on “Back to Preschool

  1. Hahaha. I’m so sorry. This is totally something I would do. Hey, this year, we moved to a new city right before the school year started, and I didn’t even realize that it started so early. (Who starts school on AUGUST 20????!!!) So, yeah… my son will be starting preschool a week late… Sigh. And yes, I’m a FIRM believer in getting that pic, even if it requires a slight alteration of the truth. Hahaha.


  2. Oh Totally!
    I would have brought the camera back later on and made them pose in front of the school..Or even on the weekend. Then it would be quiet and no one else around. Dress em up on Saturday and teke em up to school…tee hee…that would be fun for me.


  3. Thanks for reminding me to get my camera ready. Need to make sure it’s fully charged for next week. Two go back to school and one returns to preschool. For the latter’s first day of school, we’ll break out the heavy artillery again … the video camera.


  4. HA! I’m always forgetting to bring my camera (and kick myself for it once we get there).

    Isn’t enough that my son and I showed up… clean, dressed, and maybe even on time? 😛


  5. Sounds like a great idea!

    I got that all-important first-day-of-preschool shot myself … and then Widget never went back. Well, okay, twice. But now I’m torn — keep it or delete it?


  6. Can I still take a picture of my daughter’s first day of preschool after she’s been there a year? 😉 I didn’t even think about taking a picture on her first day. I’ve been doing it for my son’s first days in “real school”, but didn’t even think about preschool!


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