What Did I Ever Do to Them?

Due to a popular game of the same name, I get hits to my blog daily for people looking for things like ‘oblivion boobs’ or ‘marry in oblivion’. I can only guess people want their characters in this game to get married so they can then see the boobs? I feel it only right to tell those unfortunate souls the boob watching kinda goes out the window after marriage, sorry.

Today we hit an all new low in Oblivion search terms.

Oblivion hooker.

Guess who is the number one hit for that little phrase?
Who the hell tattled about my day job??? I was saving up for BlogHer dangit!


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10 thoughts on “What Did I Ever Do to Them?

  1. My googlers are all pervs. “watch me do this” and “watch me do that” and “do you want to watch me while I…” and well, you get the picture. It’s amazing what people actually want to watch.


  2. oh I have the worst googlers of all time! I have posted some before but, I will do it again just for you! The nasty people on the internet. give your blog a bath!


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