Is This Normal?

After coming to my hefty revelation this weekend, I’m doing everything I can to completely revamp my eating habits. No more soda, loads more fruits and veggies, taking a vitamin, and all that other good jazz. So far so good, save for one little problem.

All this healthy food seems to have shocked my system a bit. More specifically, all the newfound iron in my diet seems to have brought the system to a screeching halt.  Shit!

Or maybe not so much.

I would have thought eating better would only do good things for my body. Veggies are supposed to keep things moving, right? So why do I feel like I have a freight car broken down halfway down the line??

The good news is once the Fibersure kicks in I am pretty sure I will be dropping a pound or three. Any port in a storm I guess.



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16 thoughts on “Is This Normal?

  1. I’ve heard from people that go vegetarian that they’ve experienced similar body reactions. Try fruit to get things “moving”, mandarin oranges and grapes are good places to start.


  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one.

    I’ve had a window open all day to comment on your last post. You have no idea how much it spoke to me. I HAVE to do something. Why is it so difficult??


  3. I’m starting again on my dieting today too and I’m also laying off the soda (except I call it pop, eh?). The headaches are going to be wicked I know and I expect I’ll be blocked up for the next week or so. It’s a total shock to a body when you suddenly go healthy.


  4. Ha! The prenatal vitamins I’m on have done the same thing to me. I swear that the reason I’ve had to switch to maternity pants is not because of the baby, it’s because I’m so backed up.


  5. Lots of water. Your body will adjust. In the meantime, you might want to consider taking the vitamin with iron every other day. If you want to take a vitamin every day, look for a senior formula. Those tend to be iron free so you can take that on the other days.

    Hope everything comes out okay. (pun intended!)


  6. I feel your pain…literally. I am 7 months prego right now and the folic acid in my prenatal vitamin is stopping any and all production…I have tried the Dannon Activia yogurt and that seems to help a bit. You may want to try it, too! Good luck and congrats on changing to a healthier lifestyle!


  7. This reminds me of a college roommate I had who was a huge partier. One day he capitulated to his girlfriend and promised to clean up his act; he ate a healthy breakfast, exercised, took some vitamins, and promptly threw up.

    “Partying never made the throw up,” he said and opened a can of Mountain Dew for lunch.


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