Emotions by Numbers



That’s the news my scale delivered today. And yesterday, and several days before, so I can’t even say it was an off day.

142.5lbs…I weighed 149 when I delivered my daughter, and I gained  nearly 50lbs with her. True I was slightly underweight when I got pregnant, but still. I have gained  28lbs in the last year, and have gone from a size 6 to an 8 to a 10. At 5’3, 142lbs isn’t looking exactly svelte.


This sucks.






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23 thoughts on “Emotions by Numbers

  1. Weight gain definitely sucks and I feel your pain.

    Though I have to say that I wouldn’t mind being a size 10, as I am now wearing a size 14 (and I’m 5’2, so there).

    No, I really do sympathize. Really.

    I know it’s all about perspective.

    My pain is not any greater than yours (even though my hips are) and my bitterness should not get in the way of sympathizing with you.

    So, yeah, it sucks.


  2. I completely get what you’re saying. I used to be the kind of person who couldn’t gain weight no matter what. Then I gained 10 lbs AFTER the birth of my second child. Talk about a rude awakening!


  3. Honey, I’m so there with you. I’m trying to figure out a balance for my “fitness” portion of my site. I wanted to post an honest account of how I feel about my 170 pounds postpartum body without having to tell the world ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY. *sigh* I’m working on it. I’m working on it. I’m working on it. Every. Single. Day.


  4. Oh jeesh. Now my body did not start doing really weird things until 40. Weight gain however gets more difficult with each decade. I just lost 13 lbs for my pe class. All it took was skipping fast food, not eating any junk and getting off my rear end. It was after my third child that the weight issues began.


  5. I weigh more now than I have any time ever in my life, pregnant or not… It’s so darn depressing – each pregnancy there’s been more weight that I couldn’t get off afterward and I’ve gained 30 pounds just since my youngest was born 18 months ago. I really need to work harder on losing weight and getting at least somewhat closer to what I should be… 😦


  6. It’s not just losing weight that is difficult & I know it’s difficult for anyone trying to lose weight to understand but putting on weight is just as hard. I’m sure you will win your battle it will just take time & will power.
    I’m 34 yet I weigh 94lbs & at 5″1 it’s not a good look. Maybe between us we could make an average weight person & finally be happy with what we weigh.
    I hate my weight & how it makes me feel, I hate that other people see weight before they see anything else about people..
    Lets start a group & make people realise that underweight or overweight, we are all wonderful & worth knowing


  7. What I wouldn’t give to be a size ten! But I used to weigh 150lbs more than I do now, so I’d say I’m doing ok! It sucks. No matter what your size, it’s always hard. I used to get so mad when I was really big and would go to the WW meeting and someone would reach their goal weight and we’d all applaud and then the leader would ask how much total weight she’d lost and she’d say 7lb! Argh… of course, for her that seven pounds was just as horrible to lose and deal with as my 200! So hang in there. It could be a lot worse! 😉


  8. Don’t worry. You can fix this, it is totally within your power. You deserve to feel good, and personally I don’t think accepting a heavier weight is a good way to go. I probably have issues because my mom is heavy (and it happened after she didn’t lose weight after her 3rd child, ME). I am absolutely determined for that not to happen to me. When I am overweight I just hate it every minute. It is a distraction and makes me enjoy other areas of my life less. When I’m at a decent weight I feel great and weight is a non-issue. I’m sure my kids will be bound and determined to do something different than me, but it won’t be weight gain.

    I am currently trying to lose 9 pounds to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight before trying to get pregnant with #2. Over the last few months I tried Weight Watchers (which has worked for me in the past and I do recommend it if you haven’t tried it) but found it too regimented for me now. What is working for me now is the philosophy (not diet) found in the book “French Women Don’t Get Fat.” It is kind of an obnoxious title, but, well it’s true– and the book is fantastic. (although I don’t do the leek soup thing which I think is too drastic, if you have read or will read you’ll know what I’m talking about).
    Read the first 60 pages, I swear it can change your life.


  9. Well I think you’re gorgeous…. but i feel our pain too… My daughter is now 2 1/2 so I don’t think I can rightly call all this fluffiness post partum any longer. But listen, don’t get too fixated and if it’s depressing, stop weighing yourself and go buy some cute clothes. It will make you feel better.


  10. Coming from someone who has seen 30 and a few years since, everything doesn’t necessarily break at 30. come on, you know I’m hawt! So see, it ain’t all bad!

    I’m ready to start up our nightly walks as soon as it stops being 85 degrees at 8:30. If you twist my arm enough, I’ll even start doing it in the heat now.


  11. After seeing the photos that Oh, the Joys! has up right now, I have a newfound interest in losing this baby weight. The difference in her face is astonishing.

    After Pants was born, I lost more than my baby weight. Then I gained all of that hurricane weight, then it got trapped under my baby weight, and now I’m 5’7″ and, um, not 142.5 pounds. More like your weight plus a baby. Ugh.

    I keep telling myself that I’ll lose it once the new swimming complex opens over here, but seriously, seeing the difference in the before and after pictures at Oh, the Joys! has made me wake up a little and stop making excuses.

    Well, sort of. Not really. Damn, this is hard. I swear I weighed less in college when I was existing solely on beer and pizza. Not fair.


  12. I so feel your pain. I don’t need to be back to my pre-preg wieght but would love to get a lot closer than what I am! If you find something that works let us know…


  13. Don’t get too down on yourself. If you get too down on yourself, it’ll be that much easier for you too abandon your plans for a better lifestyle. Chin up and count all the good things you do instead!


  14. I gained almost 70 pounds with Zander…I still have a lot of it hanging around….my only saving grace is that my 5’10” frame hides it a bit. But it still sucks!

    But I have to be honest with you, Sara….I think you are gorgeous! I never would have looked at you and thought “wow…she could lose a few pounds!”.

    But good for you few losing a few…it’s not an easy thing to do!


  15. Baby steps! You’re moving in the right direction. For me it never helps to hear some one say “You’re not fat, why are you losing weight?” because I feel like I’m too heavy, their perception of me doesn’t matter. You’re (and I’m for that matter) at an age where weight gain starts to be harder to avoid, but you can control it! Keep us posted on how it goes for you, let us know what works and what doesn’t for you.


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