Potheads Take a Hit on Depression

Did you know getting high on pot can make you a better parent?

No? I didn’t either.

I ran across a piece today on someone’s google reader discussing something Babble published by a woman claiming getting high actually made her a better parent. The original post I read on the first site was just as taken back by it as I was. Seriously, who wouldn’t be? The woman admits to getting so frustrated by her child that she decides to get high, and then proceeds to drive somewhere under the influence, and claims her relaxed attitude makes her a better parent.

This is just wrong on so many levels I don’t think I need to even go into it, BUT what truly got me was what came next. A lot of commentors were outraged, not only at her obvious issues and lack of concern for her child’s safety, but also because Babble published(and therefor by extension condoned) this in their “Bad Parent” column. This is the type of column usually reserved for admissions of things like choosing not to breastfeed, or not liking a friend’s child. Things that while some might shake their head over, is not exactly worthy of a call to CPS. And those who were not so outraged? Their stance is that smoking pot is no different than having a couple of glasses of wine, or taking an antidepressant.


Yeah, that was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor, again.

I have talked here previously about depression. It is something I have dealt with for awhile, and with the help of medication, am able to control and live a normal life. Normal being the key word.

I’ve said it before, and apparently need to say it again- antidepressants do not make you ‘high’ , they don’t make you ‘happy’, they just make you normal.

There is a HUGE difference in taking something to purposely impair your normal mental state, and taking something to fix what isn’t normal to begin with. You can’t compare abusing something with fixing something, and to try to do so to justify your own position hurts you somewhat, and the rest of us a LOT.

Those of us who truly need medical help to be better parents are being done no favors by being compared to some sorry ass people who would rather get high than actually get help they so obviously need.

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19 thoughts on “Potheads Take a Hit on Depression

  1. I have depression I’ve suffered with it since I was a child & it is a difficult illness to understand & deal with at the best of times.
    In my wild, misspent youth I smoked pot & the reactions to pot is in no way, shape or form like taking an antidepressant, it is idiotic to think it is. Antidepressants don’t leave you ravenously hungry, so laid back you can barely move or leave you oblivious to the world while you stare unknowingly into space. Antidepressants help you function without feeling totally miserable & worthless every minute of every day. A BIG difference.


  2. Amen Sistah!!!

    I know Babble is all about the hipster parenting scene, but there is no way that is something they can condone. If they are, I guess I’m going to be really cool with the title “frumpy parent.”


  3. You are right that it’s not comparable. In fact, Strollerderby ran a link to 4 discussions of this (1 was mine) and I mentioned again how this is a red herring.

    Also, as I said in my comments, it’s not the substance that is my chief concern: it is the dependence upon it as a tool to get through. That’s self-medicating, and it might be addiction. As you said, it’s masking the symptoms instead of getting the help needed to fix the problem.

    We need to keep real factual information out there about this. Thanks for addressing this!

    Ravin’ Picture Maven


  4. Let me clarify what I meant by my comment above. And that is that mental illness should not be treated any differently in society than physical illness (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.). No one complains about a diabetic needing insulin or someone with hypertension needing medication… All have side effects – some of which are the same.


  5. Sheesh. I’da kept smokin’ pot instead of taking Prozac, then Wellbitrin and Klonipin…for my depression.

    Maybe I should try to smoke pot again…


  6. Depression is so misunderstood. It makes me angry to read statements like that one, but it no longer surprises me.

    People don’t want to be around me when I’m not taking antidepressants. Heck, I don’t want to be around me when I’m not taking them.


  7. Thats horrible. And yes someone needs to call CPS on her ass right quick. I too take meds for depression and there is HUGE difference in “getting high” and correcting a chemical imbalance in the brain.


  8. Hot button topic for me.

    I was slammed last week in a private email after my mention of antidepressants and how I had to see a shrink to verify I wasn’t crazy in order to adopt.

    I’m all about meds that work to help a gal.

    But as my best friend lost her life to overdosing on street drugs, because she thought she needed a boost to be a better parent…this article (not yours…the linked) pisses me off to no end.


  9. I just wanted to agree with you. *thump* and *jaw drop* As a parent of a child whose life is affected by mental illness, such careless parenting and the mother’s void attempt to justify it sickens me.

    On the other hand, I admire you for taking control of your life and not being afraid to talk about it.


  10. I feel sorry for this lady’s child. If she can’t even be a decent parent without smoking pot, god knows what she’s projecting onto this little impressionable person. “Mommy smokes pot because you cry.” And then to bring mental illness into the picture as a point to justify her bad behavior. Mental illness treatment and self medicating with pot is like comparing apples to oranges.


  11. I know plenty of parents who smoke pot and plenty who don’t. Some of the parents who smoke are exemplary parents, as are some of those who don’t. The rest, a majority of each group, could be better. We all could be better parents. I think it’s simplistic to think that any one thing makes you a good or bad parent–although crack or meth will proabably make you worse. I think pot is the most benevolent street drug. My father drank himself to death–if he had to a drug, I would have preferred reefer. He would have been nicer, and would have lived longer.


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