Evolution of a Soccer Mom

I have no idea how it happened. Somewhere along the way I became everything I never wanted.

I drive a minivan.

I wear capris instead of shorts.

I don’t wear shirts that show too much skin.

I’m shuttling my kids to school, to preschool, to cheerleading.

Today my fate was sealed, I officially became a soccer mom.

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15 thoughts on “Evolution of a Soccer Mom

  1. I’m going on record now and admitting that I am looking forward to becoming a soccer mom. I just need to get rid of the pimp-mobile I’m driving now and get a minivan. Well, maybe a wagon.

    Be sure to save these comments so you can remind me that this is what I wanted when I start complaining five years from now.


  2. Haha, I was an official soccer mom a couple of years ago, but my daughter hated soccer. I’m with Christina, get you a sexy shirt and a pair of jeans you feel great in, you won’t feel so soccery. ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. Hey if you need to get away from the soccer mom life for a night let me know and we will go hit the town! You can be a college student with me for a bit!

    And I kinda look forward to the soccer mom days!


  4. I know the feeling. I always thought I wouldn’t be one of ‘those moms’ but I just signed up to be the room mom this year at Nicholas’ school! Uh oh.


  5. Join the club, I had high hopes of driving anything but the minivan and now here I am gymnastics, swimming and soccer mom. Growing up so sucks sometimes!


  6. My wife officially becomes a soccer mom next week. Gymnastics, ballet and now soccer. We took the minivan plunge a long time ago.

    Funny how those things you said you’d never be tend to creep up on you like a bad pair of underwear.


  7. None of my kids are sporty in the slightest but I am a ballet/drama/singing momma instead lol.
    BTW I will be back more regularly now, I only drop by the Village to pick up pm’s and check on who has given birth.


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