20 thoughts on “Battle of Wills

  1. My advice in my experience with strong willed boys……do NOT have a battle of wills without weapons. Ask instead where HE wants the turd to land and as long as it’s one of the two socially acceptable places (dipe or toilet), go with it.


  2. Oh my goodness…I was so there..

    Took exlax, miralax and a shitload (pardon the pun) of other doodie-free foods…

    Hail to the poop.

    I wish you well.


  3. We are still fighting the battle of the poop, at least off and on. Best place it’s been left for me? Behind his bed, which he fits behind, but I don’t, and in the top of the play center at McDonalds. The McDonalds was officially my worst Mommy moment EVER.

    He has no problem peeing in the toilet. What the the hell is the problem with the poop??????


  4. Hopefully not in the closet which is where mine had her last “hide and go poop” episode. Now that I see Slackermommy’s comment, though, I think I got off easy.


  5. One thing that helped my kids was to squeeze their tummies a bit while they sit on the toilet to help them know what muscles to tense.


  6. I ticked the kids legs, and it made them go, and if I said ” you’ll get a prize even if you do a small poop!”. It took s good 2 weeks to get him to fully go on the potty! Oh the prize was a marshmallow with an m&m in the middle!


  7. I have to second Sarah’s advice from the Trenches. We’ve tried it all from Miralax on and Benefiber really DOES work well. I’ve never been able to hide any other medicine in food but Sweet Boy falls for the Benefiber mixed into ketchup every time. And man can that boy eat a ton of ketchup in one sitting.


  8. Once again, my child insists on going against the grain. She’ll (almost every time) poop in the potty, but absolutely WILL NOT pee in the potty with any type of regularity. UGH!


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