The B.O.O.B.s on Breastfeeding

Tomorrow night at 9pm central the B.O.O.B.s will be discussing breastfeeding myths and the worst breastfeeding advice we’ve ever gotten, and will also be weighing in on the hospital formula bag controversy making the rounds. This will be our first primetime show, so be sure to tune in once the kids are down!

B.O.O.B.s on Breastfeeding, Live on Blogtalk Radio!

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5 thoughts on “The B.O.O.B.s on Breastfeeding

  1. Is my honourable *snicker* mention going to have the right URl this time? (Totally teasing you!!)

    And the title is very suiting. Y’all are a bunch of BOOBs. Hahahha


  2. I finally got around to listening to this podcast! So funny! I know my husband would be sitting next to me in public turning bright red as I nursed any one of the babes…I felt for him, but he got over it eventually. It is so true that it is just the “idea” of any nipple action going on, blanket or not. Thanks for the cast!


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