Holy Heck!

In the grand scheme of BlogTalkRadio, it’s probably not very impressive, but *I* am quite excited our podcast from Thursday has been downloaded 108 times in the last 2 days! 😎

Thanks so much for the support, we are determined to follow the following rules in future episodes.(Oh yes, there WILL be more!)

We swear we will have a topic, and we swear will will do our best not to stick to it.

The host shall have the login number in front of her, and not scramble to find it 7 seconds before we are supposed to go on air. Ahem. Not that I did this.

We swear we will not stick to a schedule, and will pop podcasts on you at random as the mood strikes us.

We swear we will cancel the show that day if we are not feeling chattery, or 2 or more members are on the rag at the same time. It will just get ugly.

We swear to bring you only the best in random conversation and maintain the total lack of standards we have followed thus far!

If you have a topic you’d like to join us on, or would love to hear discussed before the conversation turns to sex, drop me a line at sara at suburbanoblivion dot com!

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9 thoughts on “Holy Heck!

  1. It was pretty entertaining to listen to. 🙂 I had to fast forward through some because 40 minutes is a long time to tell kids to “be quiet, Mommy’s listening to her computer”

    I loved hearing how you all sounded. It was great!


  2. Congratulations, Sara, and I’m thrilled you’re having a great experience with BlogTalkRadio. I love your blog title, and look forward to getting to know your work better. I have a father’s group (“Pop Culture”) that I’m going to record right now. Great to find another parent-caster.

    John C. Havens
    VP, Business Development


  3. I’m in love with heather. i am secretly stalking her!! 🙂 i love to hear her talk! It’s so cute! Her accent is great!!


  4. It was fun to hear that show. And it cracked me up that it didn’t take long to turn the topic to sex. Ha! You ladies aren’t shy about anything, and I love that. Let us know when you get a new one up or plan to do one live.


  5. Move over Howard–I believe we have now found the Queens of All Media. I look forward to your next podcast, you gals did great. Congrats. Oh, and if you need someone to chime in without a Suthun’ Accent–call me!


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