An Update, an Answer, and an Announcement

Update…Move-in day went off without a hitch. Everyone was nice, and I got way more volunteer signups than I expected. Go me!

Answer to yesterday’s question…Amanda was closest, Brendan has been addicted to a Kirby game, and the ex was trying to explain to me how it works. Had he been speaking of my own body the post would have been much different I assure you 😉

As for the announcement…My tummy is in knots I am so nervous about this one. The Queen, the Playgroupie, Velveteen Mind and I have teamed up to start doing podcasts! As you might expect from us, it’s a very relaxed, no rules kind of deal. We talk about what we want whether it’s on topic or not, we use bad language if we feel like it, and somehow every conversation ends up being about sex. It’s like attending a moms night out right through your speakers! So go ahead and check us out(maybe with headphones if there are little ears around) and let us know what topics you’d like to hear about for future shows!

Oh good god, they are on the radio!!

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9 thoughts on “An Update, an Answer, and an Announcement

  1. Ok, which one of you has that cute southern accent ? Is that the Playgroupie ? Wait I know Heather lives in the South too right ? Love it, I Love it!
    Can I quit my daytime job and join you ?


  2. I hope you all enjoy hearing about sex toys, REAL LIFE cooking and the newest sensation that is sweeping the nation….The Declaration of Asshole Independence.



  3. Oh, I listened and loved hearing all of you. You are such a fun group of ladies. It was nice to have you in my living room for a little chat…even if I didn’t get a word in edge-wise. 😉 Will this be a regular thing? Do you have a set time when I could listen live or just archives?


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