Walking into the Lair of the Gapmoms

Sounds ominous, does it not?

Tomorrow is the move-in day at school, which means taking Gabrielle up to meet her teacher, and trying to avoid getting stepped on by the high-heeled size 7 shoes of perfectly tanned and highlighted Gapmoms. Only this time they are not going to be so easy to avoid, as I have dug my own grave by joining the PTA board, and move-in marks my ‘coming out’ if you will.

Instead of a quick in and out trip, I’ll be at a table with posters over me and sign up sheets in front of me, trying to con poor unsuspecting parents into volunteering for class parties, lunch room duties and fundraisers. Meaning I’ll have to be out there right in front of people, talking and answering questions, and pretending I always look this put-together, despite having done my makeup in the car in the parking lot. I just know I am going to say something completely inappropriate, I have a bad habit of doing that.

Anyone wanna come hold my hand tomorrow?? 😯

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13 thoughts on “Walking into the Lair of the Gapmoms

  1. Ugh. Those women make me feel so self-conscious. But they sure make for some good blog material.

    I wish I could be there for ya, babe. I’d at least make you laugh!


  2. So funny as I too am officially throwing my jaunty hat into the “involved mommy” ring. I have avoided it for years, content to help out behind the scenes. I look forward to hearing how you, my comrade in arms, is managing. Stay in touch, we can be catty about the “Mommy Mafia”.


  3. Last year I reluctantly joined the board of my parenting group. Turns out I like the people more than the work. Fine, I’ll admit it. I only joined to go to the Board meetings once a month since they’re in the evenings w/o kids. Here’s hoping you find a fun mommy friend in the PTA 🙂


  4. yes, I always find my self in these situations with a baby tied to my back and a toddler at my knee and everyone looks at me with pity, until I start to feel bad for me too, but then I remember, I really like my life most of the time and I like my beat up car and my jumbled diaper bag.


  5. How’d it go Sara? I’ve been there. I just wore what I was comfy in. In elementary school the majority of PTA members(us board folks) were nice and down to earth.


  6. Be yourself. Now, you may not find a cure for the gapmom’s, but I’ll bet you find other parents who are as real as you. 🙂 And who knows maybe a Gapmom will surprise you and be one of those real people. 🙂

    Have fun and focus on what’s important. 🙂


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