14 thoughts on “Things You Yell at Your Kids

  1. Umm, yeah. One time my mom heard me saying to my son”Come here, let me smell your butt!” and she was on the floor laughing.

    Of course, I was worried that the toot had been something of substance so I needed to check it out. That is definately something I would never say to anybody but my own child. I mean I’m not a dog, I don’t sniff butts in greeting, just in case you’re wondering.


  2. Hahaha! Get the pig out of your pants! Funny!

    Yeah, there’s a number of things I never thought I would say, and even more that I never thought I’d ever say in public. LOL


  3. Ha ! I wish I could think of some of the many things I’ve said to the twins that I never thought I would say.

    Get that pig out of your pants … I think that might trump anything I could think of


  4. OMG this is funny. And so true. I need to start writing some of these phrases down, because I certainly giggle when I hear myself saying things like “Get off the dog and bring me your peepee undies!” and I’d love to remember these in the future.

    And I say the “come here and let me smell your butt” more than I care to admit.


  5. My son has a foot long centipede (photo at inthebowl.blogspot.com/2007/07/we-did-it_4948.html) which he has taken to sticking in his pants and saying “Mommy! I’ve got a worm in my butt!!”

    He never really acknowledged anything in the diaper region, but since potty training its like he’s discovered a whole new playground!


  6. I’ve said the butt smelling thing, too.

    My oldest daughter has type 1 diabetes and when her blood sugars run high, she can be quite the pain in the arse. It’s hard to distinguish between a high blood sugar pain in the arse and a normal nearly 13-year-old pain in the arse, though. More than once, out in public, when she’s been acting up, I’ve yelled “I can’t believe how you’re behaving. You’d better be high.” Let me tell you, THAT one will get you some weird looks in the supermarket. 😀


  7. “You’d better be high” lmao!

    We too often have to say “Stop shoving your face in my butt!” to one of the kids during rough housing time. Not usually in public, I bet my neighbors wonder sometime what we are doing in here. 😆


  8. Ah, That will be me in no time. No my daughter has started discovering her nether regions.. we just use the old:

    “Don’t touch yourself there… you will go blind!”


  9. I told my sister for years to write down these things with her girls because one day she would look back and laugh. A couple I’ll never forget: “Stop rubbing that bologna on your elbow!” and “Stop licking the concrete!”

    And that my friends, is why I couldn’t wait to have my own 🙂


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