Just One of Them Days That a Girl Goes Through

I heard my best friend’s voice in my head all day long- “I hate people, they get on my nerves.” People did get on my nerves, all day long. Every time I turned around, something pissed me off.

Yes, I am crabbybitchybloatedcrampyandwantingtoripsomeonesfuckingheadoff..Got a problem with that?

Better yet, wanna join me for some pina colada ice cream with a side of chocolate?

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13 thoughts on “Just One of Them Days That a Girl Goes Through

  1. Mmmm, yeah, I’ll join you. Can we make that ice cream made with real Pina Colada though? Little Man is with his daddy and I’m feeling sorry for myself and need a nice strong drink.


  2. Whew…glad I’m out of town!

    Hey, we’re back on our regular cycles it seems where there is only two good weeks every month where neither of us is PMS’ing! Woohoo!


  3. Right there with ya, hon. Had THAT doctor appt yesterday, and let me tell you, nothing will put you in a worse mood than that. Except that I noticed I’d gained 7 lbs since last year’s appt. Grrr.


  4. Now I will have that song in my head. Just one of those days…that a girl goes through… when I’m angry inside…

    Oops sorry ’bout that. Yeah, I was so there last week.


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