You Decide…

You are outside bathing two stinky, hairy dogs. Once finished you realize you still need to shower your stinky children who are currently running around the yard begging you to spray them with the hose. You run inside and grab the shampoo, strip them down, and hose them down like you continuously threaten to do. Kids have a great time, and you’ve just saved yourself the headache of 2 young boys fighting over bath toys.

‘Sheer genius’, or ‘Hey Sara, your white trash is peeking out again’?


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28 thoughts on “You Decide…

  1. This is one of those times where genius and white trash collide. There’s nothing wrong with a little white trash once in a while.


  2. Anything that makes the day (especially the end of the day!) go smoother is a blessing. Don’t question it… just enjoy the spontaneous new fun way to bathe!


  3. Were you in the front yard or back yard? If it was front yard and the dogs were tied up the the rusting car that has no tires, I would have to say white trash. If it was in the back yard and there are no old refrigerators or rusting cars then it is sheer genius.


  4. I’m thinking genius if you were in the back yard, maybe slightly white trash-y if you were in the front yard. But, mostly pure genius.


  5. Who said white trashy ideas aren’t ingenious anyway? πŸ˜† Proper bathtub/shower using peeps is so dumb. πŸ˜† I have nearly thought about doing this same thng when the boys hit the neighbor’s sprinkler for fun. But living in an association, I’m sure I would get flogged. πŸ™„


  6. Ohhhh…. total white trash is peeking. May I join & I’ll bring the rita mix? Or should it be two 40’s in paper bags? I was SHAVING our dog outside last week (& did a PATHETIC job, might I add), then bathed her down… then yes… hosed off the manical child as well. Why not????


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