The One Hundred Dollar Diaper Rash

Has anyone seen those commercials for a new prescription diaper rash cream called Vusion? I thought it was odd, so I decided to look it up and get more info on it. I knew as soon as I saw the $25 rebate on the site it wouldn’t be good, because you know right then it’s going to cost way more than $25. More than $25 for a diaper rash

So I check the ingredients-

Zinc Oxide
White Petroletum

Let me translate this for the average consumer-


The price for this magic combination of products πŸ™„ that you can only get by paying your $15-$30 doctor co-pay?

(via, and they tend to have very competitive prices)

Every one of those above listed products can be found in any Walmart, and all of them come in store brands, which means you can treat your little one’s yeast rash for at MOST $12.

What is it about companies trying to screw over new parents??? 😑

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39 thoughts on “The One Hundred Dollar Diaper Rash

  1. I think the notion of “if it’s more expensive, it must be the BEST!” has been around for a long time. Gone are the days of frugal mothering being the standard, I’m afraid. The trend (at least in my neck of the woods) has long been Uber-Mom-itis, whose members all make their own baby food, or only buy organic, and spend thousands of dollars on “earth-friendly” diapering products, etc.

    Hey, a pack of Luvs and a can of Similac worked just fine, last time I checked.


  2. 😯 That’s just crazy. When I had Bean one of Prince Charming’s co-workers gave me an Arabonne baby starter set…it cost $90!!! And she raved about the diaper rash cream…but ya know what…desitin worked a heck of a lot better! LOL.


  3. What’s worse is there is some salesman going around to Pediatrician’s Offices right now, giving out little samples, and some free lunches to get the Doctors to write scripts for this stuff.

    After all, you only have a “$5 co-pay” (the argument will go) for a “prescription strength” product rather that $12 (since insurance won’t cover) over the counter products that are “not prescription strength”

    It is just pathetic… all of it.


  4. $100? USD????? Holy shit!!! I’ve used OTC Monistat cream for my boys’ diaper rashes…that combined with your average zinc oxide bum cream works wonders….inexpensively!!!


  5. And I thought it was crazy when my ped. prescribed Triple Paste for $30. Have to say it IS the top of the line as far as diaper rash creams go and now you can get it OTC. But $100? That’s just nuts.


  6. I don’t know if you have it in the U.S. but Sudacrem is fantastic for nappy rash. It’s over the counter and very cheap – less than $10.

    In Australia the best selling product for cleaning showers is called “Shower Power”. People think it’s absolutely wonderful. The ingredients are water (> 60%), a dash of orange oil and citric acid, and a mysterious proprietary ingredient that can’t be revealed. I’m pretty sure it’s just sugar or a sugar derivative!

    From the manufacturer – “Shower Power was the result of an intensive reasearch and development program by Ozkleen’s chemists.” Hmmm.


  7. I’ve just been reliably informed (my wife) that almost all rash creams have zinc and castor oil as a base. You don’t necessarily need more than than, and it can often be made to order in a drugstore / pharmacy (well at least in my neck of the woods).


  8. I was just going to say what James said. My brother is a pharmacist and he just whipped me up some fabulous bum cream (which we nicknamed “Cheeky Monkey”). Anyhoo, most pharmacists should be able to mix up something similar – and for a lot less than $100.


  9. DUDE. I’m sitting here typing this comment and what comes on the TV but the Vusion commercial!

    I’d be nervous trying to blend my own if the rash was that bad. How much Monistat to how much Desitin? Half and Half, blended with enough vaseline to make it spreadable?

    My daughter Kaitlyn was born with diaper rash. It was so bad that the top layers of her skin were gone. She looked like she’d been burned. Our Pediatrician prescribed an ointment that clearly said on the label “hydrocortisone, Desitin Creamy, and Vaseline”. We happily paid the $15.00 co-pay for her not to have that horrible rash anymore.


  10. Awesome! Excellent work and clear explanation. This triple combo has been recommended by our pediatrician too (the otc do-it-yourself mix), so I don’t even see the NEED for the fancy stuff!


  11. I’m all for Bourdeaux’s Butt Paste. I about fell down laughing when the nurse said that was the perscription’s official name. But it is, and about one month after using it on my little one’s bum, Oprah had Mr. Bourdeaux on to talk about his amazing invention. It worked wonders and cost less than $5. I don’t think the Big O would invite Mr. Vusion on for his $100 butt paste.


  12. I just wrote a blog about my kids’ diaper rashes and I am so thankful that no one ever suggested $100 cream. I don’t think it’s ever been so easy to sucker new parents. Ick.


  13. Omg! My girlfriend just told me her daughter was needing this 100 dollar cream! I almost fell off the chair….almost deleted a site i was working on!

    I said “there HAS to be a recipe for it!” she sent me the lovely “Vusion” site…aww…how cute. 3 butts….with a recipe on the left right under the stupid logo!

    I was thinking “OMG!”….hello! those are just regular creams mixed to a perfect percentage.

    I found your site with the ol’ Google by searching under:

    “make your own vusion diaper cream”…

    guess what? You were the FIRST hit!

    You ROCK mommy! Totally rock!

    California-Mommy to Carisa
    North Carolina-Mommy to Jordan and Kaitlyn!


  14. One word – Resinol. Best stuff ever. Its cheap and works wonders.

    It’s usually kept behind the counter, so you have to ask for it, but no prescription is required.

    Even works on brothers in law who get a little out of hand with the bengay!!! 😈


  15. actually the diaper cream cost–$257.83–thats without any insurance at all!!! and yes–it has 3 main ingredients that u could possibly make urself if givin the right opportunity!! lol–but thank god i only had to pay $10– for it!! other than that–i would not have gotten it!!


  16. Monistat used to make a diaper rash cream and it was expensive and my doctor told me to just get some OTC generic Vaginal Monistat for my kids. I got a few strange looks intially from my Mother Inlaw. Then her daughter had 6 kids bada-boom-bada-bang and money was tight for them and I seen the old generic dollar store brand vaginal cream on the changing table! You could essentially buy all these products at Dollar General and make a large amount of it for around 10 bucks! No office call, no waiting for a prescription to be filled and a happy baby sooner! I would probably skip the heavy sticky creams and just use the Monistat Those other things tend to “gunk” up the baby and its hard to wash off. I know thats the point of those creams they don’t rub off but is the risk worth the benefit?


  17. I just picked up the prescription from the pharmacy and the price was 261.99 My son’s doctor gave me a card that Barrier Therapeutics gave out to them.My co-pay was $90 ,but the card only charged me a $10 co-pay.


  18. Here’s the Percentages for the mixture…

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Vusion (0.25% miconazole nitrate, 15% zinc oxide and 81.35% white petrolatum) Ointment for the treatment of diaper dermatitis complicated by candidiasis (DDCC) in infants 4 weeks and older.

    So, it’s comprised of mostly Petroleum Jelly? lol. niccceeeee…


  19. I can’t believe what i am reading… i also got this prescribed for my son’s rash and was told that it was $280.
    so i called up my benefits and with them it is 40 + 50 deductable… so i am about to dish out $90!!! tonight!!!
    I tried switching his food/dipers/wipes and used balmex – did’t work.. so i guess i will get the damn thing in hopes that it will work like a “million bucks” miricle…
    it better!



  20. Thank you so much for this info. My insurance denied me this and the pharmacy wants $250 with coupon for it. It didnt make sense at first, then I hit you and read the components, voila! what scums those big pharms are. The poor soul that wants to see their baby healthy will pay anything (incl. me). They know this and abuse it. Thanks again.


  21. not for nothing I just had to get this cream for my little one (12m) and it was absurd the walgreens receipt states that my indurance saved me 244.99 and i had a coupon for $25 and a copay of $25 Which means it costs 300 DOLLARS!!! WHAT THA MESS!!!!! this is just so horrible.


  22. I have used this for the last few weeks to fight off the warst yeast inf. EVER…..Don’t knock something you never tried…Mixing the creams is not the same, I tried trust me! This is the best stuff I’ve ever used for my little lady…..100 bucks is nothing, what are our children worth.


  23. Ok – So I just picked up this medication ($110 co-pay)for my son who has a bleeding diaper rashed that has not been cured with the above “over-the-counter” remedies. Unfortunitly – if you put on a cream based rash cream that contains alcohol – you will subject your child to a burning pain.
    If anyone can tell me of an “ointment” not cream based Lotrimin that is out there – I would gladly buy that – however – according to my pharmacist – there is none so I had to buy it to finally clear up my son’s “now bleeding” rash but the above 3 “over the counter” stuff did not work. Good luck!


  24. I couldn’t get that cream for my daughter the pharmacy said it cost 349 dollars. I got the ingredients mixed from same pharmacy for 20 dollars.


  25. My daughter had an incredibly bad yeast diaper rash (in her mouth too). I tried everything under the sun … including the above mentioned medicines, coconut oil, diaper free days, oatmeal baths, etc.

    I got Vusion and the rash was gone in 2 days and never returned.
    Yeast is a beast of a rash because it loves moist, dark areas AKA diapers.

    Still no reason for it to cost the amount that it does, but for parents who are desperate and have tried everything else i can attest to its ability to kill a yeast rash.


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