It’s 1:45am

And I am just now going to bed. Insomnia you ask?

No, procrastination. 🙄

I am SO bad about putting things off! Why do I do this????

Ahh well, keep an eye out for me at TopBlogMag Monday morning, I’ll be doing the Words and Pictures feature there. We have two new reviews up now at Suburban Reviews, and will be having a guest review post this coming week! And finally I have a new post going up Monday morning here for Parent Bloggers Network, my very first one! Cross fingers I don’t completely flub it!

While I am moving around bedroom furniture tomorrow and clearing dust bunnies the size of small cats, tell me, what have YOU been putting off? 😎

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6 thoughts on “It’s 1:45am

  1. Browsed over to you via another blog…

    Oh, I’m putting off so much work it’s not even funny. I used to not be the procrastinating type until I had kids and now I’m ALWAYS doing something else first. I really need some motivation.

    Sounds like your busy!


  2. haha, What new reviews are you doing?

    I’m procrastinating on folding the 5 baskets of laundry I did yesterday. Sucky part about the front loading washer and dryer is they hold twice the close as a normal washer so my 3 loads filled up 5+ baskets. GRRR


  3. Well, thanks in part to the food poisoning that crept up on me last night I am putting off housework today. I am not actually ill anymore though so at this point it’s just an excuse because I am beat tired. My plan is that as soon as I’m done typing this comment I will get up and get to it but maybe I’ll keep procrastinating and read a book. 😳


  4. I’m avoiding studying for my chemistry test tomorrow at 7AM. 🙄 Anyone for mass, matter, atoms, electron valences, dot notation of the elements? Blarg! I say. Blarg! 😈


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