If This Goes Through, the World Will Smile

If you can’t put him in jail, you can at least give him the biggest “fuck you” the world has ever seen!

Goldman family buys rights to OJ’s book
Associated Press Writer
MIAMI (AP) — The family of Ron Goldman has acquired the rights to O.J. Simpson’s canceled book, “If I Did It,” from a court-appointed bankruptcy trustee in a settlement agreement reached Monday.

The book rights will be held in the name of Ron Goldman LLC., Goldman family attorney David Cook said.

Goldman was slain along with Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994. The Goldmans want the book’s proceeds included as part of a nearly $33.5 million civil jury award they have been trying to collect for almost a decade.

“Ron Goldman LLC. will own Simpson’s name, likeness, signature and story and will hawk it to satisfy this terrible judgment. Justice has arrived in Miami,” Cook said.

The Goldmans own the copyright, media rights and movie rights. They also acquired Simpson’s name, likeness, life story and right of publicity in connection with the book, according to court documents.

The Goldmans want to rename the book “Confessions of a Double Murderer” and plan to shop it around.

“The contract and the rights are going to be circulated among every major publisher, literary agent, movie and TV producer and entertainment lawyer in the United States,” Cook said.

According to the settlement, the Goldmans must pay the bankruptcy trustee 10 percent of the first $4 million in gross proceeds and a percentage of all proceeds beyond that.

Simpson’s lawyer said the bankruptcy trustee doesn’t have the right to sell anything on behalf of his client.

“The bankruptcy trustee does not have the right to sell Simpson’s name, likeness, image and the like,” O.J. Simpson’s attorney Yale L. Galanter said.

Last month, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge A. Jay Cristol paved the way for Monday’ settlement by upholding the Goldmans’ right to their claim. He also ruled that a company started by Simpson’s daughter was set up “to perpetuate fraud.”

Cristol said that Lorraine Brooke Associates, which owned the rights to the book, can be considered as belonging to the former football star. The company is run by Simpson’s daughter, Arnelle.

O.J. Simpson’s book contract with HarperCollins, and a money trail showing $630,000 transferred from the publisher to LBA and then to Simpson for his expenses, confirm his connection to the company, Cristol said.

A telephone message could not be left after hours at the office of Kendrick Whittle, the attorney for Simpson’s daughter. He did not immediately return an e-mail Monday night.

An after hours telephone message left at the offices of the independent trustee, Drew Dillworth, was not immediately returned. An e-mail message seeking comment was also not immediately returned.

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9 thoughts on “If This Goes Through, the World Will Smile

  1. Personally I think it’s sick either way.

    Sorry but if someone murdered my husband or one of my sons, while I could see myself stopping the publishing of a book by the prime suspect, I damn sure couldn’t see myself taking rights to the book, changing the title, then do what seems to be whoring it out to every profitable avenue available.

    Or am I misunderstanding what the Goldmans are thinking of doing?


  2. I…..hmmmmmmm. Good for them getting some kind of ”justice” but the book is no less disgusting or any more legit because of whose hands it has fallen into.

    Man. Just ugggggggggggh.


  3. I say good for them – If someone murdered my son, as good as admitted it in a book and could not be punished by being imprisoned, hell yeah I would spend my waking days trying to make his life hell –


  4. I heard on Fox last night that they ARE in fact renaming the book – Confessions of a Killer, or something like that. Good for them! I think it’s still much less than he deserves.


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