Because I Suck That Way

I have to do some belated thank-yous. I am late to every event, and joke I will be late to my own funeral, so no surprise I am late to this little party as well. Pretty sad when the party is for me! 🙄

So with that in mind, a great big lip-smacking, butt-kissing thank you to my girl Robyn over at One Tough Mama, one of my favorite southern sisters Southern Fried Mama at Grits With Cheese, the oh-so-talented Cakehead at The Mommy Chronicles, and one of those funny west coast chicas Jen at Absolutely Bananas, all 4 of whom nominated me for a Rockin Girl Blogger award.


Somehow these ladies not only put up with my drivel, but for some odd reason they enjoy it. Mommies are the ultimate masochists, no? 😉

Also, I was tickled pink to find out Sarah at In the Trenches of Mommyhood (don’t ya love that name??) has bestowed upon me my very first Perfect Post Award, for last week’s post about depression.

June 2007 Perfect Post Awards

I admit I was incredibly excited about this one, just because to me it is the ultimate compliment. I present a Perfect Post Award here every month, so I understand how much goes into finding that one post that totally stands out. To be on the receiving end is just too cool for words. Thank you.

Sorry this was so late, and thank you ladies again!

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