The Problem With Having Talented Friends

is sometimes they are so damn good you have to share the spotlight.

Bloggers are all attention-whores at heart. We know it, you know it. It’s just an accepted fact. Yes, we love to get our ideas out there. Yes, we love the feeling of community. Yes, we love the thrill of giving birth to something that doesn’t crap, scream, or wake us up at 3am. But above all we love the recognition. It strokes the ego of our spoiled inner child who is constantly screaming “Look at me!! Look at me!!”.

While most days I satiate my inner child, today I am going to treat her like I do my own kids- bind her in a yard of duct tape, toss her in the closet with a Lunchable, and pass the spotlight over to someone else. If you’ve been in the blogosphere any amount of time you are aware of the Great Duck Debate of 2007. This has culminated into such a talked-about topic, Motherhood Uncensored is going to talk about it on her BlogTalkRadio show tonight, and included in her guest lineup is her royal highness, the Queen of Shake-Shake. The Queen has much to say on this topic, as she has a very shady history herself. (She tried taking a ride on the moral high horse today, and found the jaunt a bit unsettling. I think she may have sworn off high-horses for awhile!) So tune in tonight at 10pm eastern, 9 central and hear what she and the other guests have to say about thievery of the most fowl kind!

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