17 thoughts on “One Hormonal Female in the House is Enough, Thanks.

  1. I completely understand. Mine is 9 and we had the talk a few months ago. Why is it that the kids are unfazed by the convo and we look cool on the outside, but freaking out on the inside??


  2. I’ve been talking to Paola about this for years LOL – probably around 7 years old – I let it be known – as she ran to get a pad for me in another room – that ONE day – she would need them too! It’s always been an open topic in my house.


  3. Dude. I used to feel so bad for my dad (ok not until I was grown but whatever, it counts) because he grew up with three sisters, a thousand girl cousins, aunts and of course, his mom. Then he married (a woman, heh), had two daughters and even all of our pets were female. I’m amazed his nuts didn’t turn to ovaries from estrogen overload.

    Good luck with the girl, eeeeeek. They grow up SO fast.


  4. I agree with moosh! Thank goodness my daughter is only 19 months old so I have years before the TALK, but I did have to explain periods to my SEVEN and NINE year old SONS, which was surprisingly not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be.


  5. I’m glad you found the book. I think it will be helpful for both of you! Did you ever get your drink? You sure sounded like you needed it this morning!


  6. Wow…I wasn’t expecting to read that! I’m not looking forward to that stage. Fortunately, since we have two boys daddy is gonna be taking the lead on that talk! Woohoo!

    Hope the drink was a stiff one!


  7. So happy I have boys right now. Although my mom’s talk with me was giving me two books and twenty dollars to take to the drugstore…so I’m sure your talk was much more informative.


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