Reasons Not to Take Your Toddler Out in Public

We went to Biloxi earlier this week to the Beau Rivage to have lunch with my in-laws. It’s one of the nicer casinos there, and the buffet is considerably better than some. The kids behaved, and overall it was a great time.

Overall, but not totally.

Damian decided lunch would be a great time to fill his diaper, necessitating a quick trip to the ladies room for a change. Knowing it was an hour drive I home I decided I best go potty too. I took him into the stall with me and sat down. Imagine you are in the ladies room powdering your nose, and you overhear this conversation.

“Mommy,you go PEE-PEE???”

“Yes, mommy went potty”

“Mommy, you a good boy!! Yeah!!!”

*snickering heard from surrounding stalls*

“Mommy, you go poop??”

“No dear, mommy didn’t have to go poop.”

“Oh, ooooooooohhhh…I see your hiney mommy!!!! I see your hiney!!!!!! I see your hiiiiinnnneeeeeyyyyyy!!!”

By this point the polite snickers around us turned into full blown belly laughs. I was laughing too, but I know I was a bit red-faced as we went to wash our hands.

2 year olds are great aren’t they?

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14 thoughts on “Reasons Not to Take Your Toddler Out in Public

  1. Sensible One, consider yourself lucky. I’ve had the pleasure of being asked where my penis is with a bathroom full of people waiting to hear my response.

    I just wish Sweet Boy could keep the damn door shut until I pull up my pants. Is that too much to ask?


  2. We must be thinking the same way this week. My post was close to the same for yesterday.

    Gotta love your two year old saying, “Great job wiping your vagina, mom!” in the airport bathroom!


  3. Hee hee I just had to warm DH about the “mommy, penis?” question…. I tried to explain, but what can a 2 year old understand? And, if I was planning on doing anything interesting in a public bathroom I WOULD NOT take my 2 year old commentator along!


  4. Laughing my ass off.

    But honey, the worst is when your 2 yr old son scoots under the stall next to yours, and then loudly asks why she is wearing purple panties when his mommies are white.

    And then schooches back to your stall to whisper that she has a bigger bum than you.

    So the whole world can hear.

    I freaking love kids.


  5. You never and I mean never know what they are going to say in public do you? No worries, your kids bring everyone joy, at least that’s how I like to think of it when mine have people laughing at their antics.


  6. Hi Sara, thanks for visiting our blog. There is an art to going to the bathroom with kids of various ages. With a 1 yr old, I’ve had to take him into the bathroom and do my business while holding a squigging kid off the floor (cause I want to keep his Robeez shoes clean)! So I identify with this and guess I have a lot to look forward to in the next year.

    Nice blog!


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