Bad Sara! Bad! Bad!

I was informed today that my fingers must be broken, as I had not updated on my new job! So just for Megan I am doing just that! 🙂

I started my on the floor training Monday night, and worked then, Tuesday night, and tonight. I am LOVING it! I love greeting the customers, talking to them, getting them seated, and in general setting the tone for their evening. I admit I also particularly like the fact that that’s as far as I go. The meal is not cooked right? Not because of me! The service was bad? Not because of me! They may hate their waitress by the end of the meal, but they still like the girl who was so chipper and helpful when they got there. What more can ya ask for?

Just to give you a good laugh, I have already managed to stick my foot in my mouth pretty deep. The hostess who was training me last night is giving me the rundown on some of the staff, and mentions server “S” is gay, and that her friend is the guy he is dating. There are two “S”s there, and I assumed we were on the same page as to which one she was referring to. So tonight my in-laws come in along with their daughter, my husband’s niece. I say hi to them, chit-chat a little, and they go off to eat. Server “S” comes up to me and goes “Oh, you know her?” I said yeah, did she work here when you did? He says no, thats his ex-girlfriend.

What’s the first thing out of my mouth? “Oh, I thought you were gay???”


Open mouth, insert foot.

Luckily he’s got a sense of humor and wasn’t upset and the misunderstanding was VERY quickly cleared up. I hope it was a mis-understanding at least, for his girlfriends sake!

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12 thoughts on “Bad Sara! Bad! Bad!

  1. Glad to see that your fingers aren’t broken, er, I mean that your job is going well. I’ve been wondering, too, but after asking half a million times on the wrong days, I gave up.

    I’m willing to bet that you’ll have lots of fun stories to share. Looking forward to all of them.


  2. Glad work is good. I had forgotten about it, because you didn’t say anything about it. You better keep telling us those funny stories about it. 😉 I’m glad the mistake was corrected. It wasn’t your fault anyway.


  3. The “Open Mouth, Insert Foot” moment gave me my first smile and laugh today… Thanks! 😉

    Glad you love the job, and I look forward to hearing more about it in the future.


  4. Awesome Sara! I bet you are a great hostess- we’ll have to come over and check it out!

    “S” was probably just glad to have that misunderstanding cleared up…


  5. I also liked being a hostess, you only have to deal with the people when they come in and leave. Well, usually. Sometimes there were asshats that blamed you for poor service, but usually it’s the safe place to be!


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