For Your Early Morning Entertainment

My complete and total mortification, courtesy of my youngest.

The resolution(and a hilarious product review). Oh, and our bio’s are up here, though Jen’s a little shy with her pic right now. She’s 4 weeks post-partum, we’ll give her a little time.

And finally another humiliating moment, inspired by our TopBlogMag theme “How Embarrassing”. Head on over and show some love for those of us red in the face just so you have something to read! 😉

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6 thoughts on “For Your Early Morning Entertainment

  1. Well, at least your friends are “cool” about stuff like that. When my son taught my friends daughter how to mix playdough, I thought her head was going to pop. Oh. my. gosh. Needless to say, I’ve lost interest in playdates with her.

    Very funny story though. Leave it to a toddler to find things we didn’t know we had.


  2. WOW.

    Loved Heather’s post about the marker in the carpet. Loved the pictures where everyone was sniffing the markers.

    But I REALLY loved the product review on the cleaner, and I’m heading out to Dollar Tree RIGHT NOW to see if I can find some of this stuff…


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