Small Update on Blog to Fame.

Interestingly enough I got a comment from the person behind Blog to Fame yesterday. Since I refuse to give the site any links I didn’t approve the comment, but I will post it here.

Thanks for bringing things. I want to give a small story here.
My friend brought a new car few days back. He never got it to streets. So i asked him the reason, why he is not driving and enjoying his new car. Can you guess?
He told, he would drive his car only on the day when traffic signals get GREEN.
It’s long way before the awards would be announced. We rolled the website to get things started.

Now If blogging to fame is spam, then what would i do with those links.
Rest be assured all pages, our sponsors information, representatives in America with their contacts would all be there. Also is backed by big names of Internet which would be available at our site soon.
Now it’s your blog and you can write whatever you wish. I have more then 5000 connections in Internet and I won’t spoil it for some crap linkbaiting stuff.

And then this also came from an online acquaintance of hers.

Hey Sara,
I’d like to give ya a little 411. I can’t tell ya, I know Divya personally and that I know the ins and outs of Blogging to Fame, but what I can tell you is my interaction with her has been nothing but tight! Divya, has unsolicited stumbled some of my posts, (created mad traffic for me) and she has linked to other posts of mine as good reads and she has never asked for something in return. Divya has been a member of MBL for quite some time and built her community over time. Her idea for Blogging to Fame is new. Divya is from India and English is not her first language. I don’t even know if she speaks English or her blog is translated. Regardless, my interaction with Divya and blogging to fame has been all that.

My experience has shown, Divya is accessible, and responsive. Drop her a note, ask her for more info and let her know of your concerns. If after that if ya Spidey senses are still actin’ up then roll with it girl. Who am I to mess with Spidey senses.

I can only guess something is missing in translation here, because nothing she writes makes me feel any better about what is going on. Backed by some of the biggest names on the internet? Umm, like who? The only reason these names would not be able to be announced is if the deals weren’t sealed yet. Which means promises are being made before the money is actually secured. Which again means there is no guarentee it will happen, but they have no problem taking your links and your personal information anyways to do god only knows what with.

Soooo..I still stand by my thoughts that this will not pan out. Someone being a nice person and building a MBL community does not make them able to do something of this magnitude. Heck, I’ve got over 100 MBL members in my community, it means NOTHING in terms of legitimacy, it simply means people have liked what I’ve written. I could be an ax murderer for all anyone knows.

My thoughts still stand, this is a bunch of promises with nothing to back it up. But I guess time will tell.

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20 thoughts on “Small Update on Blog to Fame.

  1. I thought the second comment was kind of funny- the author knows this person personally, but has no idea if she speaks English? Hmmm… I don’t have much blogsphere knowledge, but I’m with you , definitely sounds fishy.


  2. Oh yeah, I know Sara personally and our interactions have been nothing but tight but i have NO IDEA whether she speaks English. See how tight we are.


    And let me tell you, my blog is backed by big names on the ‘net, only it’s a super secret and you can’t see them on there yet. Just wait, they will be, but in the meantime please give me all of your personal information.

    Yeah, I got the smarts real good.


  3. If that odd little story about her friend not driving his car doesn’t make you trust her then nothing will. And I say that as someone who has more than 10 billion connections in Internet.


  4. Good gosh! They must have practiced their writing skills on Nigerian email scams. I had to read most of that two or three times, usually still ending with a “huh?” At least he/she didn’t sign it “Barrister Leroy Brown” or somesuch nonsense.


  5. Reading your post I was and laughing while I remembered in jest funny it was. Be assured that I have many people of power who backing my blog including Superman and Spiderman so take your Spidey Senses and SHOVE THEM biatch! (those “replies” were sooo fun to read this morning… thanks for posting!!)


  6. You got good skills on that instigator biz like Sarah says so Nancy Drew-ish (I mean Veronica Mars-ish). Keep the good work going to bust up those bad-like scammers.


  7. “We rolled the website to get things started”

    Ummm… yeah… because the first thing you would do with a contest would be to start the contest, with “rules” that haven’t been vetted by anybody that even remotely speaks English.

    The contest “starts” in mid-June, yet people are able to get votes “now” eh? I guess so, since there is no rule that says they can’t.

    Of course, I can’t understand, why a contest with so much money to give away, has an “unofficial blog” (as opposed to an official one)… oh and it is SOOOO professional that the unofficial blog is hosted on Blogger. C’mon now… On Blogger? Really?

    Oh, and from said blog, “We can’t announce the names of the the sponsors because we are still working out the bugs in the website”

    Say it now with me… WHAT?!?


  8. A few things folks. The second comment in the post was written by Antman on Cre8buzz and he always talks like that. Antman has a great blog and does a lot to promote lesser known blogs.

    I must say that you all are misquoting / misreading what her wrote:

    I can’t tell ya, I know Divya personally and that I know the ins and outs of Blogging to Fame, but what I can tell you is my interaction with her has been nothing but tight!

    He say’s that he “can’t tell ya” that he knows Divya personally or the workings of BTF but what he CAN tell you is that his interaction with her has been good.

    So please cut the Antman some slack….

    Now, as for the BTF thing. I, like the Antman, have had some interaction with Divya but do not know her personally.

    Divya has what used to be a great blog, although it has gone downhill since the launch of BTF, and scam or not, it is evident that she has been working on BTF like crazy.

    I had problems creating my account on BTF (although I haven’t used it) and Divya got the issue sorted personally.

    From my experience interacting with her she appears to be on the level.

    That said, I can see why you would have concerns about BTF.

    I sent an email to Divya this morning to find out what’s going on and I’ll let you all know the result.

    I’m not promising to repost the email but depending on it’s content I will make up my mind and weigh in on the matter!

    Take it easy,



  9. I’m sure by now you have read my comments over at Antman’s place. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. And as you can see by my posts, I got really angry with what you said. Why?

    What’s the point in bringing down this other young lady? Why? What do you gain? What’s your objective? But here’s a lesson in start-ups. You put it out there and develop it as you go, otherwise if you wait for perfection you will never launch.

    Now I’m a pathetic perfectionist and I guarantee you, you will find LOADS OF MISTAKES on things I do because the reality is I DO A WHOLE HECK OF ALOT……..MORE THAN 98% OF THE POPULATION.

    So, my suggestion is ask yourself what your motivation is…why are you doing whatever it is that you are doing. And I am dead serious.

    If you are writing something you know nothing about…why don’t you go check out bloggers that write about start ups…you might learn something in the process. I’m not suggesting you read my stuff, go check out Success From the Nest. He’ll teach you something.

    Here’s what I do have an issue with…you don’t often find men do this kind of thing…it’s generally women…and that’s what I want you to think about..that’s all.

    What’s the point and what was your goal? To protect consumers? Or to bring her down? If your goal was to protect consumers, then before you ever again consider throwing any stones at anyone else, do a lot more due diligence. MOre importantly give the person an opportunity to respond to your inquirty. Otherwise, what are you doing to that person? It’s ugly. Plain and simple.

    If you are basing due diligence simply and soley on spelling errors then you have a lot to learn about business.

    Don’t be so harsh to judge someone who’s trying to do something. This is how cyber bulling starts. Don’t get on a band wagon…it’s ugly and cruel. You have the capacity to big…not small. And so many women are ugly and small. Why would you want to be like that? You don’t want to small….you want to be big…so go forth in the world and be a big person.

    Big people help other people be big…they don’t bring them down.
    That just makes you small.


  10. I’m so honored you came by to explain it to me slowly and drop your unsolicited pearls of wisdom. As you put it yourself, what does a 28 year old stay at home mom know about start up companies?

    I promise should I ever decide to stop getting pregnant, put on shoes, and venture out of the kitchen, you’ll be the first person I go to.

    Thanks also for the character lesson, though I think you left out humility and modesty.

    Oh, I guess there’s a reason for that. Nevermind.


  11. No, what I did was try to demonstrate my character by coming directly to you with my comments. I think it is wrong to speak about something elsewhere. My objective was to help you understand start-ups. My other objective was to help you be big…help…not demean you. Help you undestand something. You can choose to accept it or reject. You reject it and then is your choice. I have no issue with that.

    In no way did I demean what you do, because I do not know what you do. What I simply suggested was that before you blast someone or what they are doing you learn about whatever the issue is… That’s all. I in no way intended to send the message to you that you somehow interpreted as derogatory towards what you do or how you live your life.

    I didn’t like the fact that I left comments at Antman’s place and didn’t address them directly to you. I do my best to do the right thing…and that was my only goal.

    Start-ups are difficult…extremely…and how could you know that if you haven’t done one before right? Just like how could someone who has never given birth to a child knopw what that is like? They can’t. A start-up is just like a child..except it’s in business. When you’re first a Mom, you don’t know what you’re doing…at least I didn’t in the beginning. You flouder around don’t you? You’re trying to figure things out right? A start-up is the same way. That’s all.

    Plesae do not take this message as anything other than trying to help you understand….that is my only intent. I don’t even know this other woman. I went to the site one time…couldn’t load it. So I have no vested interest in this at all………..don’t even know who the other lady is. I just sit in one place…and its doing what I can to help women be a great as they can be.


  12. Sara, you will find mistakes in this post. I have made a lot of mistakes in life. The wisdom I have learned in life are from not from what I have done perfectly, wisdom that I have gained is from my mistakes. I wouldn’t trade one mistake in my life for all the gold in china. And I will make a million more…


  13. “It took me a long time to learn that mistakes aren’t good or bad,
    they’re just mistakes, and you clean them up and go on.”

    — From ‘A Virtuous Woman’, by Kaye Gibbons.


  14. “My other objective was to help you be big…help…not demean you. ”

    Oh Ev Nucci, you are full of crap. You don’t come to another person trying to help them by talking DOWN TO THEM. And that is exactly what you were and continue to do to Sara with your comments, such as:

    “And so many women are ugly and small. Why would you want to be like that?”
    “If you are basing due diligence simply and soley on spelling errors then you have a lot to learn about business.”

    Surely someone with the magnitude of character that you claim to have can see how that would be perceived as talking down, hmm? So give up the pretense of just trying to get Sara to see the other side of the picture, ok?

    And if you’ll go back and reread Sara’s original post, she was in no way tearing down Divya. She was questioning the legitimacy of the contest. And while you may know your shit about start up companies, I know some shit about marketing and PR. I’ve been in the biz for over 2 years and my husband has been in the business for 12 and he has done several contest, giveaways, raffles, sweepstakes and let me explain something to you. You do not make the promises of cash winnings BEFORE you have the cash secured. 100% secured, contracts signed, names in place in advertising. Otherwise, you’ll be questioned in terms of legitimacy. You have to be able to give complete disclosure or you’re skirting the lines of legality.

    Until we see disclosure of who is backing her $100k prize, then I’ll continue to skeptical over the legitimacy and doubt that it is on the up and up.

    Divya may be a nice person, I don’t know. I do know not all scam artists are assholes. So the niceness of her personality is not going to keep me from questioning whether this is a scam or not, especially when there is not complete disclosure of the contest.


  15. And one more little lesson in marketing Ev, there is always a proofreader going over the roll-out announcement with a fine tooth comb. If English is not your first language, it would behoove you to find someone who does speak it as a first language to insert the proper “the” and “a” and such so that you do give the appearance of knowing your stuff.


  16. I am so surprised that there are so few blogs on the BTF scam. Why? Here we are in April 2008 and NOTHING has materialized on BTF. I think that these people were all taking everyone for a ride. How is that possible? And why aren’t bloggers more angry about it?


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