Is it a Playgroup or a Blog Meet???

Meetup tomorrow at Shake-Shake! In addition to the Queen herself, it will be Velveteen Mind, Playgroupie, PlayClothes Designer and yours truly.

Probably not there(but will be missed) are Kim Can Blog Too, Jennie, While You Were Sleeping, and Too Boring For a Blog(don’t let the name fool ya, she’s awesomely cool IRL).

I keep saying we need to do a southeast blog meet, but I think we already are! 😀

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5 thoughts on “Is it a Playgroup or a Blog Meet???

  1. Yeah… I’m trying to see if I can swing it. Consultant meetings in the am and birthday parties for nieces… I am WIPED out, but what else is new? I might make a brief surprise appearance! 😀


  2. Oh what a grand time! On top of many benefits, blog topics ALWAYS come out of our play dates. I’m off to work on my two blogs courtesy of today right now!


  3. Sucks I had to miss it! I had to take advantage of no kiddos to go get a super hot outfit for my anniversary on Friday! I’m am forgiven right? I’ll be there next time! I promise!


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