And Even More Insanity

So never got the guts to post our comments. So i guess this was in fact breaking the concept of healthy blogging.
And when you see thing’s happening there, then do write an apology here.
You know you make so many people laugh. You searched World Net Labs. I am not answerable to Google. Did you searched Blogging To Fame. Did you searched for people behind it.
I know people are smart, but they mistake by taking other person as fools.
And do you you know what actually SCAMS are??? And what is marketing brilliance.
FYI, even if BTF is spam, just because of wonderful idea, would make it a success.
And if BloggingToFame is BS. This BS will blow your mind very soon. Keep your eyes WIDE OPEN

Um, hey genius, did ya happen to READ my last post by chance? You know, the one where I posted the comments?
Didn’t think so.

I promise to keep my eyes WIDE OPEN, but I won’t be holding my breath while I wait.

PS- As far as the concept of healthy blogging, why don’t you brush up on the concept of proper punctuation and spelling?

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10 thoughts on “And Even More Insanity

  1. Divya, the blogger behind Blogging to Fame, left a comment on my post. You know, my sad little post that started all this but that no one is reading? Poor me. Sniff sniff. (okay, not sniff sniff, but sweet Jebus, Sara, it must be nice having so many readers! I could solve world hunger and no one would notice unless I leaked it to you to post first.)

    Seriously, though, her explanations are as clear as mud. The fact that she cares what either of us writes seems to be evidence enough that this can’t possibly be real. Her ability to consistently miss the point is impressive, though.


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