Blogging to Fame? Not Likely.

Blogging to Foolery is more like it.

Has anyone noticed anything off about the Blogging to Fame competition people are rushing to sign up for? Anything at all that makes your spider senses tingle just a bit? Or is the thought of “US $100,000 in cash Prize” enough that people don’t care, and are plunging in head first despite their better judgment? Yes, you heard it here first, I’m calling bullshit on the Blogging to Fame competition.

I admit I didn’t give it much thought myself until this morning. I hadn’t signed up because I’m not much of a whoring-out-for-votes kinda gal, but I’m seeing these buttons ALL over the place. Mildly annoying, but whatever. Then my friend Megan over at Velveteen Mind(who is one of the most brilliant people ever) started asking me about it this morning, and so I actually went and looked at the site.

Red flags left and right started popping up in my head. Spelling mistakes. Poor grammar. Only contact info is in India. They have a big advert for a seminar in Chicago, only it’s a dead link. The site copyright is by a company called World Net Labs, and as far as Google can tell, they don’t exist. No mention ANYWHERE of where this $100,000 is even going to come from!

Then the real kicker- after doing a quick search this friend found the site where Blogging to Fame originated from, and surprise!, it’s a site giving tips on search engine optimization. Funny enough link baiting is mentioned right on the site!

Spelling it out slowly for the bloggers involved- link baiting is offering incentive to get other people to link to your site, and thus raise your page rank. Incentive like..oh, I dunno..the chance to win cash?

Remember the Mother’s Day fiasco of the Top 100 Mom Blogs list, how it was just an attempt to gain links by appealing to your vanity? This is nothing but part two, and they are working to appeal to your greed. Have anyone stopped to think how they are even going to enforce the results of a contest held in India? No? Big shock. If they could I’ve got 3 or 4 emails proving I won millions in lotteries in Russia and China.

I’ll be happy to split the proceeds with all the bloggers who won’t be seeing a penny from Blogging to Fame.

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11 thoughts on “Blogging to Fame? Not Likely.

  1. Relegated to an anonymous “friend,” huh? If this was an elaborate link-baiting IM scheme of mine, I failed miserably. Oh yeah, I forgot the bait part.

    And you hijacked all of my good red flags! What am I going to write about now? Hmmm, I think I’ll write about how Sara hijacked my post and then didn’t take my link bait!

    Actually, I’m kidding and am grateful that I’ll have a post to link to in order to support my suspicions. Why are we the only ones who seem to be thinking this so far? I can’t IM everyone and turn them to my way of thinking… which is apparently skepticism.

    But seriously, right?


  2. LOL..You should have said so! I edited, giving the proper credit you deserve my dear. I tend to be a little overly cautious about dropping names, it’s gotten me in trouble in the past.


  3. The only reason I hadn’t called Bullshit to this is because, I hadn’t seen it yet.

    Let’s start with the “Rules” Page which was clearly run through a translator and not reviewed by any attorney (or any attorney that knows what he/she is doing).

    Number 1. There is No “End Date” There is one “implied” by their criteria, but there is not actual end date listed.

    Number 2. Subjective Criteria, the criteria they state is subjective and not objective, yet they provide not explaination of how they plan to quantify it.

    Number 3. What the rules state entrants are “liable[sic] to win” is different than what they “advertise”

    Number 4. They have a banner ad that links to a not yet live website. Screams unprofessional.

    Number 5. No listed partners, advertisers, etc. Virtually every contest of this type and nature have sponsors. This has none.

    After this only brief sneak peek it became quickly clear to me that this “contest” is soley created to promote their “seminar” (which just coincidentally just happens to be the same location where the “awards” will be, even though they seemingly have no direct ties to that location).

    I think you made the proper call. (Except for possibly stealing Meagan’s planned post 😉


  4. I’m so unworthy of blog fame that I don’t even know what y’all are talking about. Not even heard of the blog to fame thingy because yeah, I’m that far down the totem pole. I’m so glad I have cool blogger friends to keep me on the up and up on this stuff!


  5. how did you know my spidey sense was tingling! Do you have one TOO? I’m going to have to send you a $1,000,000 check for this great post. Although of course in order to receive it I’ll need you to simply get 200 blogs to link to me, send me a check of $1000 (to release the funds) and also BEND OVER. heh heh heh I crack myself up, spidey sense and all.


  6. Never heard of this wretched thing. Wherever people congregate, someone will come along and pass gas in the midst of it, eh?

    I so intensely dislike scams… and am glad you called “BS” on this one.

    I’m sending Snoskred over… She knows these things inside and out ~ and knows precisely how to trace them.




  7. Scammers are everywhere and this seems to be yet another example of one. India is now a hotspot for the Nigerian scammers but this one doesn’t look like them, it just looks like someone trying to get high on search engines and stuff so that they can earn money from their site down the track.

    We’re going to see more and more of this as the earn money from your blog phenomenon sweeps the blogging world. Not that there’s anything wrong with making money from your blog – but only if you do it legitimately.


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