A Perfect Post for May

It’s that time again! 😀

When I came across my pick for this month, I knew immediately it was THE ONE. The post itself is hilarious, and certainly award-worthy on it’s own merit, but what really sealed the deal on it for me was the comments. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes the comments are worth almost as many laughs. This is one of those times. So it is an honor and a pleasure to present Kristi from Here in Idaho a May Perfect Post Award for her post Uterus, woman parts, tampons, Aunt Flo etc, etc….

A Perfect Post – May 2007

The ultimate goal of every blogger is to relate on a personal level to their readers in such a way as to create discussion, and in this post Kristi proves herself a pro. With this one post she has earned a place in my Google Reader, and I hope she’ll be in yours too.

The Perfect Post Awards are hosted monthly by MommaK at Petroville and Lindsay at Suburban Turmoil. Much thanks to them for their hard work in coordinating this. If you would like to be a presenter, head on over and drop them an email. Also be sure to go over and read the other Perfect Posts awarded this month!

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