16 thoughts on “Do You Skype?

  1. I have Skype, though I’ve only ever used it so Sam can video conference with his grandparents. I’ll be your friend if you aren’t embarrassed to be seen with a girl who only turns on Skype or IM once in a blue moon and usually only if I’ve got a prearranged “date” set up. I am so lame.


  2. As if! I’d be thrilled to have you on my friends list! Add me to your list, I’m suburbanoblivion..Totally original right? 😉


  3. Every time I turn on my computer, Skype opens up and I spend seconds of my valuable time closing it. All because when I bought the computer I thought, “Skype! Cool! I’ll DEFINITELY use that.” This is my long-winded way of saying, have it… never used it.


  4. There are worse things than being a loser with no friends…like being an out-of-it dork who has no idea what Skype is. Though it sounds cool.


  5. I love Skype! Skype has helped me stay conneted to friends in Europe without the hefty phone bill! I love it love it love it! Talk to my little bro in France on in every other day! Yes I’m cheap so I skype.


  6. I thought Skype was a drug. Haha. Our kids are going to hang us out to dry with the tech. stuff in a few years!

    I guess I need to check Wikipedia to see what it really is. Sounds like, from the comments, that it is some sort of a video chat open forum thing?


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