Semi-Big Development!

As per the post the other day, the ex and I are having issues. We like to be a normal couple, so we chose the number one issue in America couples fight over- money. I didn’t realize until then but he was still pissy over the checking account fiasco recently. Which made me pissy, because like I keep telling him, until he hands over his debit card and I control 100% of the spending, I will not be held 100% responsible if something happens. It’s stupid. But anyways….So we start fighting about it AGAIN last night and this morning it turned ugly. Finally I turned around and told him “Fine, I will just go get a job then!” To which he says “Fine!” and I reply “Fine!!”. (Mature? Not so much.)

After lunch I get all dressed up and made up and went out into the world to start the job-hunting process. 2 hours later I returned home, employed. I will be hostessing at Cracker Barrel, just on the weekends, so no worries about finding someone to watch the kids. Needless to say I am insanely excited about this. Not only do I not have to worry about daycare, I get to have time away from my kids every weekend and get PAID for it!! Doesn’t get better than that!

I also got the coolest compliment while I was there. The manager loved me, I don’t say that to brag, she told me how excited she was because she thought I’d do great. I was worried about them even hiring me because I have been a SAHM for so long. I made the comment about “Don’t worry, I am involved in a playgroup and I was room mom at school this year, so I promise I’m not totally lacking in social skills.” She laughed, and says “Even if you’d have said you have no social skills at all, I wouldn’t have believed you. You have a beautiful smile and your personality just sparkles!” Wow! LOL…What do you say to that? I’ve been accused of a lot of things in my time, sparkling was never one of them! 😉

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29 thoughts on “Semi-Big Development!

  1. Congratulations! The thought of going back out and trying to get a job scares the crap out of me. One day it will happen… but not today. I’m not ready!


  2. Sorry about the fight, but congrats about the job! Time away from the kids is good for any mom’s sanity…plus a little extra cash is always good!


  3. GREAT news!!! You are going to love it and OMG time to your self!!!!!
    as For the ex something tells me he will be pulling his hair out over this one.


  4. Congratulations! Since my kids got here, any part-time work has felt like a mini-vacation from the rest of my life, I’m sure you’re going to love it! (Especially since your new boss already thinks you’re sparkly!)

    I’m sorry it had to come about because of a fight over money though, I hate those.


  5. Congrats! That’s fantastic news!!

    And way to stick it to DH (Oh the message board life’s coming out. LOL) and hold your ground. You did just what you said you were going to!! Should be fun too!


  6. That is really exciting! No having to subtract childcare costs from your paycheck, and also HE gets to take care of the kids for a couple of days.


  7. Thats awesome! In a similar yet non related incident the garbage man told me I had a pretty smile and face last week. Ah the highlights of the sahm’s day!


  8. That is great.
    A while back dh and I were in a big stink about money and I said the same thing…sure enough I was offered AMAZING jobs all over the place..about 3 great opportunities IF I wanted full time work.

    That shut him up.

    He doesn’t fight about money any more.


  9. While I’m sorry about the fight…congratulations on the job!!! And it sounds like your new boss is a) a very perceptive person, and b) a nice lady. I hope you enjoy your work!


  10. I have no doubts it will be awesome opportunity for you to have some adult time, kid free time!!! And it will be good for the ex to have a taste of the “easy life” of taking care of 3 kids by himself every weekend…I think its just PERFECT for you both!!! 🙂


  11. Congrats!! You are going to love it. Especially getting to go potty alone!!!! Well as alone as a bathroom with stalls can be but you know what I mean. No one leaning on your knee trying to discuss life issues while your peeing. haha


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