Catching Up on Some Me(me) Time.

Confession- I truly suck at keeping up with memes. I see a new inbound link and my heart gets all pitter-pattery that someone was kind enough to think of me, and then next thing I know the kids are whining, the husband needs something, and *poof*, it flies right out of my head. It bugs me until I get it done though! So since I have a little time tonight, you get a two-for-one on the memes.

From Kellypea at Kellemntology we have the spotlight meme!

Are You a Spiritual Person?

Sort of, but not really. I believe in some kind of higher being, but I don’t believe that the Bible is the direct word of God, and that unless you embrace him you are going to burn in hell. I tend to over-simplify, in that there are SO many religions out there, but they all boil down to a higher power, a book, and a set of rules. I think somewhere in there is the real truth, but I think it’s arrogant to believe that for example only Christians have it right, and that even if for example a Muslim lives by their rules and worships their god as they should, they will still go to hell. It just feels wrong to me.

What Makes Your Blog Unique?

I’ve actually pondered this a bit lately, as I’ve gotten comments here and there about how ‘refreshing and honest’ my posts are. I guess it’s that I am not afraid to put it all out there, the good and bad of my life. What you see here is not a character, or just one side of me. I write exactly how I speak, and I think that allows people to get a good sense of my ‘voice’, if that makes any sense?

What Are Your Feelings on the “Blog Popularity” Issue?

LOL..I actually wrote asking about this some time ago. I think as in real life, certain bloggers grow close, and that may show through in their writing. I admit I have certain bloggers that I am quicker to read updates from than others, but I still love reading new people also, and would never turn down the opportunity to meet a fellow blogger!

When Did You Start Blogging?

Way before I even knew what blogging was! I used to put updates on a webpage, then moved to Livejournal, then Myspace, and now here!

Congrats to the following bloggers

Plain Jane Mom– I feel like such a suck-up, but I can’t plug this one enough. Not only does she put up with my kissing her ass, she brings the best of the blog world to us daily in her Go Read It! posts. And I do read it, daily.

Cate of A Beautiful Life– Someone who has been through so much, yet keeps the most amazingly optimistic outlook. I’m not the best about leaving comments, but she is another on my daily read list.

The Redneck Mommy– Tattoos, nose ring and all, she is definitely at the top of the list of bloggers I’d love to go drinking with.

Now that I’m done sucking up, Sara over at the Estrogen Files(who just got a super-cute new layout btw!) tagged me for the Seven Things meme. I believe I am supposed to post 7 things you didn’t know about me, so here we go.

1. I currently own about 23 pairs of shoes. That seems like an insane amount until I go to get dressed, and then it seems I need just one more pair, because none of these are quite right. In my own defense, over half of those are the ones I bought on clearance a few months ago for fall and have not been worn yet.

2. Thanks to this horrid bug we’ve had I learned from experience that Immodium caplets are the way to go. Trying to drink the liquid kind is worse than anything you ever tried to drink in college.

3. I love Redbook and Ladies Home Journal, but PC Magazine is by far my favorite.(Geek much?)

4. On that same note I desperately want this shirt, but it’s out of stock. 😦

5. I am always surprised at how amazingly pretty most the mom bloggers I’ve seen pics of are. Smart and gorgeous don’t always seem to go together, but you guys have cornered the market on it!

6. I get distracted VERY easily.

7. I don’t work well under pressure.

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5 thoughts on “Catching Up on Some Me(me) Time.

  1. Once again, you’ve made me blush!

    BTW, LOVE the tee. I don’t know how geekified you are, but if you like that kinda stuff you should check out – that’s where I get all my geek garb!


  2. How funny. I had forgotten I tagged you and you could have completely flown under the radar. I seem to get tagged once a week. Anyway, I saw your link and had to laugh, because you said the same thing! I enjoyed — as usual.


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