Mother’s Day in Oblivion

It’s so bad I’m laughing about it, seriously.

No breakfast in bed..No sleeping in…Sure as heck no simple but tasteful jewelry.

As I type this my husband is in bed. With the flu. Where he has been since early yesterday. The kids? Yep, they are sick too. ALL of them. One with nasty diapers and fever, the other two with fevers and sore throats. They too have been like this since yesterday. Saturday was a blur of crankiness, motrin, gatorade, and wishing I could just take a nap. Today is not looking much better.

Despite all this I’m in good spirits. Times like this you can laugh or you can cry, and I choose to laugh. I’m the only one in the house not sick, and I know it’s because someone up there realizes this place would fall apart if I were. If that isn’t acknowledgment of a job done ok, I don’t know what is. 🙂

Happy [tag]Mother’s Day[/tag] to all my fellow good moms, ok moms, just scraping by moms, and everything in between.

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27 thoughts on “Mother’s Day in Oblivion

  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Sara, I’ll send good energy your way, maybe not enough to make this the best mother’s day of all time, but hopefully enough to help keep you in good spirits.

    Good luck with your sick ones, maybe when they’re all recovered you can appoint a new Mother’s Day – like a rain date.


  2. Well at “least” youare sick – and kudos for laughing about it all.

    Isn’t that the truth though – when mom is sick – the whole house falls apart!

    Happy Mom’s day


  3. Well, Happy Mother’s Day anyways… Charity’s sick too, and I’m about to scream, must have caffeine!


  4. I say you need a rain check. In the meantime, just keep laughing. LOL!

    Happy Mother’s Day! I hope everyone is on the mend soon.


  5. Oh you poor thing! I know you are laughing about it, and honestly I probably would be too. You can either laugh or cry and laughing feels so much better! I hope your family feels better soon.


  6. Happy Mother’s Day. You are an amazing momma. Hang in there!Thanks for the attitude check. I will laugh more today. My morning has been a little crazy and I new I could come visit for a good laugh and….. an attitude ck…Thanks !!


  7. Sara,

    I hope your Mother’s Day goes a little better than it has already… any chance on getting a raincheck from the hubby and kids? A “Queen for a Day” coupon or something?

    Hang in there! All the best to you,

    ~N (The emergency backup Mom with facial hair)


  8. You have the best attitude! I think I might be crying. I hate to say this because it might sound bad – but at least they are sick and not ignoring your day by choice.


  9. If that isn’t a true celebration of Mother’s Day, I don’t know what is. Oh, wait. I mean, that totally sucks, and totally doesn’t count. They owe you an extra-big Mother’s Day when they’re feeling better.


  10. At least you have a good attitude. I hope everyone is feeling better soon and you get a raincheck! Happy Mother’s Day!!


  11. Thank God you aren’t sick. I’ve actually been really sick once maybe twice, I think it was God’s practical joke because it was like a reminder to the whole family–this is your glue. Now, the kids ate, but the kitchen was an experiment zone. They helped their dad and had a blast. I was just like, as long as you don’t disturb me have fun. Any other time I’ve had anything else happen (babies, major surgery, etc) I call my Mommy to come stay with us so I can rest assured that my family and my house stay in one piece. 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day! Stay cootie free and I hope your family gets better soon.


  12. Oh no, I hope everyone is well today and Happy Belated Mother’s Day to you. I think next weekend should be your celebrated Mother’s Day and spend the day OUT of the house ALONE. lol Seems to be the only way I can get my husband to wait on the kids w/o them harrassing me all day.


  13. Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you get to do something extra fun when everyone feels better- and maybe an extra piece of jewelry too! It’s SO hard when everyone’s sick but you! Hang in there!


  14. Eeewww, I’m so unhappy for you!! I hope you’ll get a great gift when they’re all better. And I do NOT mean the gift Hubbers wants to bestow upon me on all “special” occasions!


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