You Know You Have Arrived

When you get your very first comment troll.

Yeah right! | | IP:

I never knew you were competing… that you were ever remotely in contention for the title. Puh-leese.

Is there a protocol for this? Should I curtsy? Give a speech? Does someone want to take me out to lunch and explain to me how I’m a grown blogger now?

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17 thoughts on “You Know You Have Arrived

  1. I never understand why people leave comments like that. It’s as if their mission in life is to spread ugliness.

    I haven’t had a really bad one yet, although I’ve had a couple of comments (always anonymous) where the person who leaves the comment is criticizing me. I never know what to do about it. I think a really mean one like the one you got, I might delete, because it’s not a serious comment from someone who wants to comment, but just something mean for the sake of meanness.


  2. Yeah Toni, what I quoted was supposed to be a comment to my Perfect Parent post. I decided it was too funny not to get it it’s own post! 😉


  3. Trolls are obviously seeking both attention and advice to which I will oblige them with the following: Take two getting effed in the a and don’t call in the morning. KTHXBYE!11!


  4. WTF? Is this person a professional troll? What kind of email is that anyway?

    He/she might need a title, something bureaucratic, like, Assistant Vice Associate of Trolling Affairs – Asshole Division.

    Or maybe that’s giving him/her far more attention than they deserve.


  5. I check everything first – then I release it. I like that control. You know. On mesage boards you have no control. But your blog is your blog and there is no need for that kind of crap. I would have deleted it. Who needs that.

    Trolls make me SO ANGRY


  6. People are really sad. It’s so cliche, and it took me a while to realize that it’s true… but people who feel the need to criticize you (anonymously, no less) really ARE just jealous.

    I love that you can laugh about it! 🙂

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls


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