For all that it would have been so much easier to go out and buy muffins than get up at the butt crack of dawn baking them, there is something VERY satisfying about having people in the office follow you into the teachers lounge going “Oh my gosh, did you MAKE those??? They look SO good!!!” I’m not sure why making muffins is such an amazing accomplishment, unless they have talked to my husband and heard of some of my previous culinary failures?

Either way I think my lack of sleep paid off, and my mood has certainly been boosted. Maybe I need to bake more often? 😀

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15 thoughts on “Success!

  1. I’m all about the muffin mixes where you just add eggs and milk. That’s as homemade as it gets around here anymore. I use to do the 100% from scratch blueberry muffins but then I like, had kids, and didn’t sleep. Yeah, I heart martha white!

    Did you save me a muffin?


  2. No, and I meant to! Crap! Sorry! I’m thinking of taking cookies in to the office staff on Friday, I promise I’ll save a couple if I do 😉

    Btw, who said 100% from scratch? I’m alllllll about the bisquick! I did use real blueberries though!


  3. It all started with sugar cookies with cake-mate frosting on them (BLECH) for me. Before you know it, you’ll have a new addiction. You’ll want to show those PTA members what a domestic diva you are! I bet your muffins were yummy. I’ve never made homemade muffins. Now I want to try.


  4. Sara the muffin lady! Please tell me you weren’t completely dressed and wearing your pearls while baking?? I don’t think I could handle the pressure!


  5. Glad they were a success. And I give you a lot of credit for even thinking of making your own muffins. I’m of the go-out-and-buy-it variety of woman.


  6. Ahh, I missed this. I need some blueberry muffins. Since Nat won’t send me a cake yet could you send me a muffin???

    Congrats on a successful Martha moment and I’m glad your pan didn’t explode. haha


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