Oh Dear God..I Feel Sick

Funny how the day goes from great to shit in a single phone call.

My lack of attention paired with my inability to psychic-ly predict my husband’s check card purchases has put our checking account in a state of overdraft. Deep overdraft.

Fuck. I’m going to go throw up now.

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17 thoughts on “Oh Dear God..I Feel Sick

  1. Ug, that makes me feel so sick when that happens. One thing I’ve found is that if you write ass-kissing letters, you can get some of the fees waived. If you hardly ever bounce checks, for example, and you write to the bank and remind them of this in an and-we’re-so-very-sorry way, and you ask if they would waive the fees, sometimes they will do so. And if you write to the businesses (who often each charge their own fee for a bounced check), sometimes they will waive them, too—although far less often, since the amount they charge is usually because the bank charges THEM for presenting a check that bounced, and they want that money back. I usually kiss up just to the bank (since their fees are totally because they want to, not to recoop losses) and pay up to the stores.


  2. This is why I seriously consider confiscating my husband’s debit card. Being blissfully oblivious to the finances does not mean the account is a bottomless pit.

    Sorry this happened – hope it gets better soon 😦


  3. Ha! Same thing happened to me this morning. Husband called and said he tried using debit card for 10 bucks and it was declined. I HATE when that happens. Especially considering that the money was in savings and the bank is SUPPOSED to transfer it over for us when that happens and they DIDN’T so hubby was all pissy with me.


  4. Oh, I hate, hate, hate that bitter stomach feeling. I have it far too often and haven’t found a good way to get rid of it yet. I’ll let you know when I do. Why are financial blunders (overdraft, overspend, you name it) attached to the pit of one’s stomach like that in such a visceral way? It seems wrong.


  5. My husband used to do the same thing and still would if he had access to his check card. Luckily our bank did not return anything, they just paid it hit us with the fee.


  6. Three words.

    Separate. Checking. Accounts.

    You know all too well that I am not the embodiment of marital success, but at least this is ONE thing we don’t fight about. I am great at getting my account within pennies of $0, but he never knows and I like it that way 🙂

    I hope you can get this straightened out soon. That sinking feeling is just awful.


  7. That SUCKS. I’ve been there a few times, I must say. And I do hate that sinking, impending DOOM feeling. Tomorrow WILL be a better day. Promise.


  8. Ugh – the fees! Your bank should refund at least part of these fees. I think we have all been there! I also know my neighbor has been there – her mail was delivered to us one day by mistake and I couldn’t help but notice she had 3 of those distinct little white, square self mailers. Still sucks though – even knowing you’re not alone!


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