The Post That Isn’t

I’ve had a couple of people notice I haven’t posted in a few days. I know, usually I can’t be shut up, right? I’ve been in something of a mood lately. In dealing with depression, it happens occasionally that I get a bit anti-social. I decided today that writing a bit might pull me out of it, so I figured I’d tackle it head-on. I’d write a post describing how depression feels from the inside- the lack of motivation, the mood swing, the things you forget…

The things you forget….Oh shit.

I realized at 9:40 tonight our dish for the teacher appreciation brunch is due tomorrow, not Wednesday as I’d suspected. In my mood I’d totally slipped.

The good news is the blueberry muffins I will be up baking at 5:30 tomorrow morning will be VERY fresh! 😉 Cross fingers I can have them done by 8am!

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9 thoughts on “The Post That Isn’t

  1. Awww Sara, I’ll be pulling for you. I hope you come out of this soon. While I believe baking is therapeutic, a 5:30 am wake up call is not. I’d just buy some, put them in a basket or some nifty little thing that makes them look homemade, and never tell anyone that you didn’t make them yourself. 😉


  2. I hope you feel more like yourself again tomorrow.

    I was feeling down all weekend and just wanted to shut myself off from the world. And then I completely forgot about class pictures today and sent Sweet Boy to school wearing a ratty old tee shirt and sweatpants … nice!

    I’m sure your muffins will be great and no one will know the difference. Isn’t it amazing how we can manage to look so “with it” even when we’re crumbling inside?


  3. I have had issues for years with depression. Took me many years to ask for help- I am so happy that I have my ‘happy pills’ , but still have ‘those’ days. I hope it gets better soon! Good luck with the muffins! ♥


  4. Just wanted to let you know that I’m totally with you on this. Negative thoughts have been percolating inside me for quite a few days now, and I figure they have to come out soon in my writing. Despite the happy pills, I’m just not motivated and there have been some interesting times around here lately. My own thoughts were making me think of your PMS post the other night.

    I hope you can get it all out in writing and it’s cathartic for you.


  5. Mmm, muffins. I have found, actually, that when I am depressed it is often a normal task with a clear end result – like baking muffins – that starts me on the way to feeling better. The trouble is usually getting motivated to do the task. So here’s hoping your forced activity helps! (And worst case scenario is you get to eat a few fresh blueberry muffins. Yum!)


  6. The good thing is you know you’re in a ‘funk’ and want to get out. Hate to be cliche, but the first sstep is to recognize it… Take care.


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