I Hated My Husband Last Night.

I was miserable, and lay there in bed crying as I thought of the many ways he didn’t live up to my expectations, and why I should divorce him and move on.

Then I woke up happy, feeling great, other than that my period seems to be coming on AGAIN.

Fucking hormones. I swear sometimes I hate being a woman.

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21 thoughts on “I Hated My Husband Last Night.

  1. I’m still breastfeeding and unbelievably hormonal. At 14 wks postpartum, and still no period, I’m loving part of it, but the hair loss, weeping, emotional withdrawal and just-plain-hermity behavior, I’m wishing I’d just go on and bleed!

    sheesh! It DOES suck to be a woman. But NO WAY do I want to be a man!


  2. Darn hormones! I’m already an over-emotional freakazoid; and the day before the good ole bitch makes her appearance I pretty much become a raving lunatic. Take some Midol, have too much chocolate, and do NOTHING productive today. You deserve it.


  3. I feel your pain. I was very hormonal last weekend. I think I’ve had my moments this week too. I still haven’t started my period though, which is frustrating in itself.


  4. hahah – i’ve been having the same kind of day – and i hate to say it but just seeing it in words made me laugh out loud in cubeville


  5. If you are like me you cry and think to yourself… “How am I supposed to run with 3 kids? Now I know why he got me pregnant so many times! Bastard!”

    And then I fall asleep


  6. Those hermens…I know!

    I’ve fantasized about divorcing my kids too. Though not to the extent in detail as I’ve fantasized about divorcing my hubby.


  7. I don’t know what you all are talking about. I am a complete angel, ALL THE TIME. Of course, my husband seems to bitch, moan & complain about my behavior a hell of a lot more towards the end of every month. What’s up with him?


  8. First timer. This is the perfect blog post. Concise and yet fully descriptive. Can’t you gals learn to deal with it after, I don’t know, 10 or 20 years of getting your little friend? I only ask you this because you can’t smack me like my wife can.

    The crazy part is…we can’t live without you. Ah the insanity.


  9. You know, I hear the horror stories all the time about the monthly visitor, but I have yet to be on the wrong end of a bad one. I swear I would never know when my wife has one if it wasn’t for the end of sex for a few days. Does this mean that she is secretly hating me for a few days every month?


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