Had the First PTA Meeting Last Night.

Man oh man, talk about scary! I had debated almost all day what to wear yesterday, finally settling on a nice pair of khaki pants and a casual white blouse with beige strappy heels. I felt overdressed, but figured better over-dressed than under. I’m happy to say I nailed that one, no one was in jeans, so I had it just right. *Whew*

Everyone seemed pretty nice, but we didn’t get to talk a whole lot with the business going on. Let me say I had NO idea how much stuff the PTA actually handles. The fund raisers I knew about. I didn’t know they prepare the school for move-in day, from trimming/weed-eating the grounds to sweeping/mopping the inside. I guess I assumed the maintanence staff came in and did that? I had no idea they arranged people to help the kindergarten kids in the cafeteria and getting too and from the bus/carpool area the first week. Computer programs, teacher luncheons, pre-SAT tests, books for the classrooms, improvements to the school like extending the overhang to keep the kids covered and relieve congestion in the carpool area? PTA money pays for all that. As much as these people scare me to death, I have a whole new appreciation for everything the organization does for the school.

That said, a lot of these women are Gapmoms beyond belief. Seemingly nice Gapmoms, but Gapmoms nonetheless. Is it any surprise mine was the only mini-van in the lot last night? SUV’s ruled. And it was also noted I was the only one there drinking a soda instead of bottled water. That they will just have to deal with, I give up my Pepsi’s for no one 😉

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23 thoughts on “Had the First PTA Meeting Last Night.

  1. Sara, you are one brave momma! Having been obligated to sit in on PTA meetings as the unlucky (read short end of the stick ) teacher representative, I cannot envision volunteering. Luckily I have a few more years before this becomes a possibility.

    Hopefully those Gapmoms will continue to be nice.


  2. I can’t believe the maintenance staff doesn’t prep the school for the first day!

    I also can’t believe I’ve been a member of the PTA this entire school year and have never received any information on the different areas volunteers are used and needed. The only time they called me was for the auction and then it was LAST minute and I couldn’t drop my life on the fly.

    Can you do something about that? ‘Cause I would be more involved than the non-existent involvement I currently am doing if I knew what was needed.


  3. I’m with you on the minivan thing. I drove a few SUV’s that were in the price range that we paid for my Sienna and they SUCK.


    You’re way cooler than any of those Gapmoms.


  4. I’m speechless… My mom was president and then treasurer of the PTA when I was in school, but I don’t remember all of that kind of stuff. Of course, I went to a very small, private school, so how much coordination can be involved to get 20 kindergarteners out to their cars as opposed to the numbers in public schools around Mobile County. You’ll do fine… but if I see you with a bottled water, we may just have to smack you… :}


  5. Pepsi Rules! I feel like everytime we are at a sporting event or what have you for the kids and I have a bottle of Pepsi all the other moms are looking at me in disgust! She doesn’t even drink diet? Yikes!


  6. Never served on the PTA. Was on the school board for a few years, though. Things gort a little wild when we had to lay off a teacher, but the reason I am writing is to 1) commend you on your blog and 2) relate my pop/water story. My wife and I run a pre-marriage program and I am in charge of food and drinks. When we started, a mere five years ago, the sodapop/water ratio was 4/1. In that time things have totally turned around. Now I barely buy soda but have to get loads of water. We ran out of water once add people refused to refill their bottles from the tap!


  7. LOL – good thing you don’t feel the need to “get with the program!” I feel your “pain.” I am also pretty impressed with the PTA these days – it’s like a little company.


  8. While there is not enough money in the world to convince me to join the PTA (although, I do admit it does do a huge service for the school), I would love to crash the meeting and poke fun at all the GapMoms who take themselves way to seriously.

    What do you think they’d do if I offered to show them my boob rings, or my new tattoo?



  9. Our PTA practically runs the school.

    My husband is treasurer. He was president.

    Good for you for joining!

    Sounds like you got the ‘what to wear’ just right


  10. Stop knocking the SUV…I love mine. It makes me happy. And me being happy is all that matters :)!

    Interesting about the PTA responsibilities…I had no idea either…and I worked in schools with PTAs for 6 or 7 years!


  11. You go, girl! Stand your ground on the Pepsi, minivan and tattoos! …or did the tattoo thing come from one of the comments?

    Best of luck! You’ll do fine. 🙂


  12. It’s amazing how much the PTN (Parent Teacher Network) does at my son’s school. It’s always refreshing to find out that some of those “GapMoms” are actually nice down-to-earth people.


  13. Glad is was a good experience for you. I will admit the PTA does A LOT!!! But here, we wear jeans. and drink soda. with a little vodka thrown in. sometimes.


  14. I’ve heard of a ‘gap year’ [between leaving school and starting University] but not a ‘gap mum.’ Do I dare ask? Will I understand the translation? Have I just exposed myself as a foreigner or merely senile?


  15. What Heather said. DH and I have been members of the PTA for two years and it seems like communication with the members at large is extremely limited. I saw a notice once about helping with the auction, but that was it.


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