The Blogosphere is Full of Rejects..And I Like It That Way.

First off, big thanks to Plain Jane Mom for the link yesterday! Making her Go Read It lists are like being noticed by a celebrity, so I always feel all warm and tingly afterwards. If you aren’t reading her daily yet, you should be!

Second, thanks so much for the comments on my last topic, who knew people would have so much to say about mommy boards? LOL! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who’s had these kinds of experiences with them. I do tend to be very straightforward, and I certainly have my opinions, and while some people are fine with that, others freak out and consider you to be too abrasive for happy-fluffy-fairy land. I truly do wonder how these people function in real life, because my life certainly isn’t all roses and kittens! Too funny others have been banned as well, here I thought I was special! 😉 Makes you wonder how many bloggers started out on mommy boards before turning to this medium? Many I’d bet. Perfect lives make for very boring blogs, so if rejects rule the blogosphere, all the better.

Sorry I wasn’t around yesterday, hubby had a conference down in Perdido Key so after it wrapped up I brought the kids down and we took them to the beach. The younger two had never been, and what an experience that was! Damian is usually my daredevil in the pool, but was TERRIFIED of the waves. Wanted NO part of it, and was much happier playing in the sand. Brendan is always so cautious around the water, but LOVED it, and had no problem playing in the shallow water! Silly kids! All in all it was a great time, and I steadfastly maintain the Gulf Coast has the most beautiful beaches anywhere. We had lunch at Lambert’s Cafe, always a good time there. There is something great about eating at a place where they literally throw food at you! If you are lucky enough to live or travel near one, GO. The food isn’t fancy, it’s homestyle cooking at it’s best. Mmmmmmmmm.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well. What did you do with this gorgeous weather?

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10 thoughts on “The Blogosphere is Full of Rejects..And I Like It That Way.

  1. We went to the beach, too! Ours wasn’t full of waves, though… more like shrimp crap and the distinct threat of a human bone washing up at any time. Yep, Gulfport’s beach!

    We took the boys down to feed the seagulls and had a ball. There is a delicate art involved in throwing the bread just right so that those birds catch it in mid-air. Quite the accomplishment for my favorite 2 year old and apparently quite hilarious to my favorite 9 month old.

    I just discovered Plain Jane Mom this week and will go over there right now to check out the Sara love.


  2. I’m still sniggering about your last post…especially the comment about the sunshine shooting from your ass…I love that line!

    Plain Jane Mom rocks. She donated (willingly) to my favorite cause and she never once bitched or moaned about it.

    I’m will forever be Jane’s bitch.


  3. Sounds like you had a great time with your boys! It was a gorgeous weekend here in Ottawa. Zander played catch outside for the first time, and had a blast! But the crazy guy doesn’t like the way grass feels, so everytime he tripped and had to put his hands down to stop his fall he got freaked out! Silly little man!


  4. Hubby and I spent the weekend trying to manage our totally non-compliant child. Suffice it to say, things weren’t so beachy in the TulipHouse this weekend. Thank goodness we had a sitter to give us a reprieve on Saturday night.


  5. I was on a mommy board for 4 years – then took a bit of a break while experiencing the trauma of an ectopic pregnancy loss – people on the message boards were not totally understanding of the depression that can come from something like that. Then I came back after I had my second MIRACLE baby. Stayed 3 years. And got fed up LOL LOL LOL LOL

    I am very opinionated like you. People can’t handle it.

    May I add you to my links?


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