One More Step Up the Ladder

In my quest to rule the world 😉

I got a call the other day from the PTA president. Seems I have managed to snag a spot on the PTA board! Official title is Vice President of Volunteers, though since every spot but president is a ‘VP’ title, it doesn’t mean much. It’s just the volunteer coordinator, but hey, I’m all about the fancy titles. I was room mom for my daughters class this year, and in this position I will be in charge of overseeing all the room moms and rounding up people to work the things like the book fairs, field day, etc. I like working with people, not so keen on all the mounds of paperwork I know I will have to keep up with. (On the bright side it will force me to finally keep that New Years resolution of becoming more organized.)

The only thing that worries me is I keep reading about the politics that go along with it, and I’m afraid the horror stories are likely true. I already got a taste of this when one of the board members called me, and in passing mentioned how she and a few others were annoyed at the current president because he worked full time, and was not able to take off to come to every daytime event. This was said in a tone that suggested they highly disapproved, and I’d bet money that was not their only gripe. Seems you can’t get a bunch of women together in any capacity without there being some kind of drama. *sigh* On the other hand, with two years of playgroup politics under my belt, I’m not sure there’s much they could throw at me that could be worse! Bring it on!

If nothing else, I should get some really good blog material out of it!

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21 thoughts on “One More Step Up the Ladder

  1. Been nice knowing you. lol Don’t even get me started on the PTA. I could do hundreds of posts on it. I am now a ex-PTA mom, and like it that way. My IRL best friend is the VP of volunteers, aka sucker. She has managed with all the room moms and getting through this year, but it was so full of cattiness and drama! I have cable for that!


  2. I’m sure you’ll do great. Trust me try to enjoy the position and remember why you are doing it in the first place…because you want to be a part of your kids schooling. Let the cattiness roll off your shoulders! After several years on the PTA I have been able to do my job yet stay on the outside. Trust me it is much more enjoyable that way!


  3. *Sighs.* “Can’t we all just GET ALONG?!” I served as secretary of the Home & School Board (equivalent to PTA) this past year. There was occasional minor drama, but nothing you can’t handle, I’d bet. It was worth it all to me to get a better picture of what goes on at my son’s school. It’s amazing how much things have changed since we were in school!


  4. Congrats! (OR I’m sorry, not sure which yet…) After all the drama we’ve had through the playgroup, I’m sure you can throw back whatever they dish out!


  5. I was on the “teacher” side of our PTA equivalent when I was assistant director at a day care. It is so amazing the amount of drama you can have over who volunteered for what… or who’s school birthday party was more extravagent. I’m now struggling with whether or not I want to start attending the meetings at Zoe’s school. I’m really interested in being involved… but at the same time, I don’t miss that drama.


  6. Hi there! New reader here! Congrats on the PTA post. Hopefully you won’t have to deal with too much drama.

    And I look forward to getting to know you and your blog better. Have a wonderful day!


  7. Oh, the stories I could tell you about the PTA board! My wife currently holds the same position you’ll be taking.

    To be fair, your PTA board experience is going to totally depend on the kind of people you’re working with. Our PTA president is a nazi. Not to defame the nazis or anything, but that’s the closest comparison I could make. She’s a power hungry be-yotch that literally lives at the school building Monday through Friday during school hours, at the point of neglecting her own children, just to get PTA stuff done. She’s also big into grabbing any freebies she can from the whole deal, like buying three times as much food as is needed for a luncheon, and conveniently taking the leftovers home… errggh! I’m going to stop now… go find some blood pressure medicine or something…

    But congratulations! Your PTA board is probably normal… 🙂


  8. Being the president-elect for this year I totaly understand your fear! I am taking president in June and already I can not beleive the politics. I hope to set a standard and step above it! I do it for my kids and the rest of the cattie crap can all take a back seat!


  9. Just don’t walk into a fancy restaurant in your neighborhood and when they don’t have a table ready for you say “DONT YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I AM ON THE F****** PTA BIATCH!” Don’t let the power go to your head is all I am sayin…


  10. Eh it won’t be anything compared to playgroup politics! 🙂 You will handle it well! And hey have fun with it, nothing like pissing off a bunch of gripping women!


  11. Gimme an S.
    Gimme an O.
    Gimme a C.
    Gimme a C.
    Gimme an E.
    Gimme an R.

    Ok , I kid, I kid! Sara, that’s great! Though I have to scoff at the person getting scoffed at for having a job. Sheesh. Is it illegal to work AND be involved in your kid’s stuff? I haven’t read that handbook yet. Guess I better prepare my armor for when A starts school and I actually *gasp*, want to be involved.

    On the cattiness sidenote: I have an office of mostly females. We all got along famously until one particular one was hired, then it all went to crap. One bad apple spoils the bunch!


  12. There is not enough money in the world for me to suffer the pains of playground politics. Besides out where I live, my kids are bussed to the nearest small town to go to school. When I walk in the whispering begins….”That’s the mom who’s kid kicked it…” “did you see what she put on her neck???” “why would she pierce her nose like that?” “I heard she had NIPPLE rings…”

    Yah, I’m the town pariah and I embrace it.

    Now, if only I could convince them I’m a Jezebel, I’d be set.


  13. Amazing…impressive title…
    I can not believe that they have titles like that in a school….
    I always refer to myself as Schlepgirl as this is how I feel when I am helping out in the school…


  14. RUN. RUN NOW.

    I made the mistake of running a local womens league (it was for charity dude!). I found out, that they in fact dumped it in my lap and ran like their over processed hair had suddenly combusted.

    I shut down that sucker and donated the money in the bank accounts to the Kinsmen club’s playground fund.

    It was a freakin cult.


  15. I know I’m late on the ball with this… I’m just catching up on my blog feeds… May I say, from the bottom of my heart, good luck and Godspeed. I’m the elementary school’s Newspaper editor. And Wow. Just Wow. My dayjob (at a major movie studio in hollywood no less) is not as bad as The Mommies.


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