20 thoughts on “This is Why I Dislike Rain.

  1. They are very cute 🙂 We had an incident here with toothpaste today and it took someone else to point out to me that such are the things of a fun childhood – your boys sure look like they had a lot of fun 🙂


  2. That’s such a great shot! They look like they had so much fun. As long as everyone’s smiling… everything’s good! I’ve got to assume that since you ran for the camera to get a picture… you must have enjoyed it a little bit too. : )


  3. I agree with tulipmom…they look so cute because they are at your house! It looks like the little one is looking at his older brother and saying, “You know we are in big trouble, right?” Ha!


  4. Oh, priceless! Is this before or after they ran into the house and jumped all over the living room furniture? Oh wait… that’s MY kids…


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